Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet Review: A smartphone with all basic features

The smartphone industry is achieving elevations day by day and it has seen a glut during the recent years. A number of technology expert manufacturers have erupted from China and making a monopoly across the world. Some of them are Xiaomi, Lenovo, Huawei, OnePlus, Gionee, Elephone etc.

Today, in this article, we will present a review before you about a wonderful 4G tablet-like smartphone Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet by Elephone. The mobile in itself is a source of inspiration if we consider its features, its general qualities, its natural visuals and its impact over the industry.

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Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet – Release Date

The manufacturer Elephone has released Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet in February 2019. Before the launch date, the product was seen in the images indicating that the display will be a notch in drop as we have seen in the A4 and A5 model. The company has revoked all the rumors about its design and present it with fluid and lightweight interface embedded with the latest Android version 9.0 Pie.

Similarly, the Elephone A6 Mini Phablet completes various obstacles and proving the predictions right about the memory it will share and the camera numbers it has. Therefore, the company has focused to embed it with triple camera option and making it versatile to all age group audience.

Now, it is better to have a thorough and deep look at its individual features, qualities, and aspects. This will produce a better idea about the capabilities of Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet either it will compete with the oppositions or not.

Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet – Features and Specifications

In this section, we will discuss all the features and specifications of the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet. It will help you to think about the facilities and configurations you are about to get with this 4G Phablet suite. Similarly, you can compare its basic characteristics to choose from the available options. Let’s proceed with the topic.

Design and Color

The Elephone has produced a smart Phablet to convince the audience through their ability to cope with the demands. The Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet purely depends upon the latest and trendy novel design. They also have tried to provide you with multiple color options like Black, Twilight, and Light Sky Blue.

Furthermore, the 4G Phablet is professionally crafted with droplet notch design that mimics the beauty of nature. The 5.71-inch screen display contributes a lot to make it more stylish and economic in all occasions. In addition, Lumia Gradient back cover establishes a unique attraction for this 4G smartphone from all angles. So, the company also emphasized to create small phone big display design to ensure maximum content coverage.

From all aspects, the design is fully comfortable with the color variations and making the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet among the top choices.

Operating System and Processor

As customers always prefer to buy the latest and trendy pursuit, accordingly, Elephone has emphasized to manufacture the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet in the advanced platforms to woo the users. An android 9.0 Pie version is in use which works brilliantly in collaboration with MT6761 Quad-Core 2.0 GHz processor.

This is a fantastic way to create a milestone with droplet notch design. The major configuration is embedded with the operating system that will provide extra-edge to the users. A new interface is launched with the fully-fresh android system to boost up the performance with a powerful processor. Elephone actually describes the brighter part of its personality by making it stronger from the inner edge.

Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet is generated with IMG GE8300 GPU and 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor which make the smartphone delivering smooth and hygienic outputs. Therefore, you can give it a high-star rating while considering its performance in term of operating system and processor.

Screen Display:

The fully-touchscreen display is the major highlight of this Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet. The company is delivering a focused approach to provide its users with cutting-edge droplet display with 5.71-inch dimensions. The droplet water IPS screen will give the users with super-enlightening and wider view.

Furthermore, the display screen has the resolutions of 1520×720 pixels to generate a better video and gaming approach. The highlighted Lumia gradient body elaborates the screen with unique combination with the front camera and delivering a fabulous style all the time.

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The best part is that the Phablet 4G smartphone maintains a super-quality surface for high-end gaming experience and high-resolution picture and video quality.

Storage Memory

The overall progress and performance very much depend upon the processor and Random Access Memory of any smartphone system. With Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet, you will get bigger just like bigger screen and ambitions. The 4G Phablet is infused with 4 GB RAM to produce remarkable results in combination with MT6761 processor.

In fact, these 2 factors play a major role to determine the actual functionality and endurance of any computer system. This will let you play with high-density games and performing multi-tasking smoothly at the same time.

When we look at its internal storage space, you will have to use 32 GB as an internal room to save your files, photos, videos, and other stuff. This will also allow you to think against the use of any external memory card. However, you have also the option to expand your saving capacity up to 400 GB by attaching some external cards.

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Clicking high-resolution photos and selfie are the trend of the modern time. Accordingly, Elephone also provides you with this facility in its Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet. The smartphone 4G Phablet is considering triple camera option to mark the occasions on the go.

The 4G Phablet is designed with 2-rear and a single front camera to give you a sense of professional photography. The back cameras are 16 MP and 2 MP, whereas the front camera is of 16 Mega Pixels to create the perfect selfie shot. This can also click 1520×720 pixel resolution images in a finer and cutting-edge tone. You will enjoy selfie beauty and quick-fire photography with enhanced portraits and edit options instantly.


The power segment of the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet is designed with 3180 mAh Lithium-ion inbuilt battery. The Elephone is making a way to deliver uninterrupted service span by installing a powerful battery. But the fact reveals some contradicts as the power storage capacity is not comparable as with the system configurations of this smartphone.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer is inducing the users with the ultra-fine performance of the battery by telling its efficient and smart charging system. This system is compatible with international standards and provides convenient user performance with a super boost charging solution. This will also let you use the phone all day in just a single charge.

Network Support

There is a bunch of network connectivity options to make it reliable with some extensions. The Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet is integrated with 2G 1800 MHz, 3G, 4G, LTE, VOLTE, GSM 1900 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, and 3G WCDMA B1 2100 MHz network. Similarly, you will get fully-dedicated and unbeaten WIFI 2.4G 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless internet connectivity.

The Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet can be suitable for FDD-LTE, TDD-LTE network types to make it all-around performer with multiple network compatibility. Along with, the 4G Phablet is introduced with Bluetooth 5.0 and GPS for more network space.

Fingerprint Recognition

The security aspects are clearly defined in the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet. You have multiple caring options in the form of face recognition, fingerprint sensor, pattern locking/unlocking and some more.

Fingerprint sensors are the powerful security measures to impart a tough and unbreakable hurdle to enter the phone interface. To make it convenient and easy to use, the manufacturer has designed it on a side of the phone. This will enable you to attend the phone display in a fraction of second. You just need to move your finger slightly to record the whole of your fingerprints.

Additional Features

Till now, we have gone through the major portions and technical aspects of the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet system. But the manufacturer has arranged for more to give you the full value against your money. Various types of hidden or unknown facilities are needed to describe so as to make the whole picture clear before the users.

If we walk through the minor technical particles, then you will get Multiple language Support and multiple media formats support in the device. Similarly, you have the provision of dual Nano SIM card slot to enjoy the services of two different network service providers. In addition, a TF card slot is there to extend storage capacity.

Most importantly, the Elephone A6 Mini 4G Phablet is decorated with multiple sensors to make this smartphone stand to the date. There is an accelerometer sensor, Proximity sensor, and Gravity sensor to make the system smart and star performer.


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