Xiaomi Mi AirDots TWS Earphones are now available at just $75.04

As the name itself suggests, the Xiaomi Mi AirDots are going to be a genuinely wireless earphone set. Upcoming with a TWS technology, i.e., a lithium-based solution, Xiaomi has innovatively designed the whole new set of earphones. They also mentioned that this version of earphones is going to be a “Youth Version.” Now by saying this , the company is ready to bring in good stuff especially targeting the youth around the globe.

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It will lead to an increase in competition within the leading Apple’s truly wireless ear pods and many other brands truly wireless ear pods already present in the market. Let’s Talk about some of the highlights of all new XIAOMI AIRDOTS and their features below and let’s check out if the new product is up to the mark or not.


The design is the main attraction of any device in today’s world, and Xiaomi Mi AirDots didn’t fail to impress under this category. The air does have a unique design. The Xiaomi Mi AirDots comes with a curvy look, and the plan is to give these earphones more attractive look that you won’t think of any other brand after seeing these earphones. The overall build quality of these earphones is excellent at this price range. The weight of these air dots is just 4.2g that is even less than Apple’s Air pods. And with this compact size and truly wireless nature of this product, it is considered as a step ahead in technology. The small and sleek design given to its earphones is a plus point. And overall this contributes to being a great package altogether.

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Xiaomi Airdots

Features of Xiaomi Mi AirDots:

It’s a mouth shut for all brands as XIAOMI here has brought in a lot of innovation in this field. With great features and highly durable Xiaomi Mi AirDots. XIAOMI is ready to gain attention once again. Xiaomi has been a great talk in Indian as well as the overseas market in the phone industry, and now it is taking a step deep into the accessories also.

The Artificial Intelligence assistant can be right away accessed through this touch panel. Not only this, but the gestures can also help you to perform various functions such as to play a song, pause a song, change a tune. You can even handle your calls by just giving gesture, either you want to answer the call or reject it. The loudspeaker given on Xiaomi Mi AirDots are provided to ensure a deeper bass to its users.

Xiaomi Airdots

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Xiaomi surely deserves applause for adding this feature with these air dots. It also happens in another case, if you keep the earphones back in the case, they automatically get a disconnect. These functionalities operate with various sensors that are not in the specifications provided by the company. This charging case comes in with a built-in battery of 300mAh, which can quickly charge your earphones twice or thrice.

Xiaomi Airdots

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Xiaomi never fails to impress in any sector anytime. They want all their products to be with all the latest hardware and software available in the market. Interestingly, these earphones come up with the latest Bluetooth version, i.e., Version 5.0. This version of Bluetooth helps in providing stability in connection, and the increased range of 5.0 helps the device stay connected even if the smartphones are not close to it. On the other hand, Apple’s wireless earphones still work on Bluetooth version of 4.2. And this is again a plus point for Xiaomi Airdots.


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