Xiaomi Yueli Mini Hair Straightener Offered for Just $38.92

Today I want to tell you about Xiaomi Yueli mini hair straightener, which comes with a feature that will leave you in wow state because it is wireless. That is to say, you don’t have to connect any wire or do any connection at all since it comes with a battery that you will be able to charge and use without cables. What a comfort!

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Do not back down the brand at all because it is completely trustworthy. What’s more, we already talked to you twice, when we presented the Yueli accessory to eliminate hardness and this hairbrush that is so fashionable..

Yueli Mini Hair Straightener: The Perfect Hair Straightener

This  Yueli hair straightener has a  ceramic tourmaline heating plate. It is responsible for emitting negative ions, so as a result, it eliminates the static electricity of the hair, provides greater flexibility and balance, so when it is been used it does not damage the scalp, but are all advantages. Forget the frizz!

Yueli Mini Hair Iron

In terms of temperatures, this hair straightener has a total of 2 heating temperatures (160 and 200 degrees Celsius). They are ideal for straightening hair without damaging it, to protect it from possible overheating.

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It has the peculiarity that it can be charged instantly – with the MGH rapid heating technology  – so you can forget about waiting. Just turn it on (and as long as you have a battery) you can enjoy optimal performance instantly to start straightening your hair.

Yueli Cordless Smart 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

But personally, what I like the most is that it is a wireless hair straightener, making it very comfortable! It has a  2500mAh battery and can be charged by USB, so you only have to make sure it has enough charge before using it. Also, The battery get filled in less than 150mins of charging.

Yueli Cordless Smart 2-in-1 Hair Straightener

Another advantage of this Yueli mini hair iron is that it has all the LED indicators you may need. You can always know the status of the battery, temperature, etc.

What can I do with this Yueli mini hair straightener?  It is a 2 in 1 device because you can straighten or curl your hair, whether you have long or short hair it will perfectly comb and straighten your hair in a matter of minutes.

Yueli Mini Hair Iron

And do not underestimate another of its strengths: its portable design. It is ideal to use at home or to travel with since it occupies very little space and you can store it anywhere.

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