Xiaomi Mi Drone Replacement battery offered for $89.99

If you own remote control aeroplanes, also known as MI Drones, then you definitely feel uncomfortable because the device’s flight time is quite short, only range 30. That’s a consequence of cutting the size and weight of the device. Also without exception, Xiaomi Mi Drone battery only for capacity is 5100mAh, with flight time less than 30 minutes. So to support the need for longer equipment use, Xiaomi has provided us with Mi Drone Replacement battery to replace Mi Drone. A solution for users to improve flight time of aircraft.

Mi Drone Replacement battery

Ii is a genuine replacement battery, so the battery has the same design and specifications as the battery of the aircraft. Mi Drone replacement battery is still made from plastic material, and the product is designed with two shells. The battery section is square inside and enclosed by the outer plastic cover. The battery cover is also made of grooves to help the heat sink for better battery inside.

On the body of the battery, Mi Drone is a button, linked to the lock part. Make it easier to remove batteries from the aircraft.

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Mi Drone Replacement battery

The tail of the Mi Drone Replacement battery has a red button with 4 LEDs. The primary function of these four lights is to inform the user about the remaining battery capacity when clicking on the red key next to it. This part is designed to expose to the outside, so users can conduct tests even when the battery is in the body of Mi Drone aircraft.

Mi Drone Replacement battery

The top and two sides of the Mi Drone Replacement battery have the position of the contact pins and the contacts so that the battery can be connected to the power supply circuit and proceed to power the electric motor that can operate. The contacts made are quite detailed with high quality, high-quality materials for durability and good electrical conductivity.

The Mi Drone Replacement battery is equipped with a capacity of 5100mAh, with an output current of 15.2V, and for a capacity of 77.52Wh provides power for four propellers. It helps Mi Drone aircraft to operate continuously for 27 minutes.

Where to buy Mi Drone Replacement battery?

The Mi Drone Replacement battery is available on gearbest for just $89.99.

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