Xiaomi Lofans Handheld Wireless Glass Cleaner at $41.99

Xiaomi has been doing good in the household and professional cleaning equipment market, whether they are robot vacuum cleaner or window vacuum cleaner. Now the company has launched a cost-effective product for window cleaning in the market. Xiaomi Youpin Introduced Xiaomi Lofans handheld wireless Glass Cleaner.

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 Features of Xiaomi Lofans Glass Cleaner:- 

 The Xiaomi Lofans handheld Wireless Glass cleaner is a compatible gadget for house cleaning. You can hold it and clean the glass windows of your house or car or any other glass surface without getting wet or stuck in wire rolls.

 Its lightweight body allows you to use it for a long time without getting tired. The Xiaomi Lofans wireless glass cleaner comes with a high-efficiency motor. It’s quick-drying technology to make your work easier and smooth. It doesn’t cause any scratch to your windowpane.

 Strong Suction

 The Xiaomi Lofans Handheld wireless Glass Cleaner produces strong suction of 1500pa which absorbs the water or dust and delivers clean results. Furthermore, It has stable water absorption and bottom heat dissipation features. It has got two High- quality Shaving Heads made of silicone scraper material. Which easily fits the glass surface and covers a large cleaning area.


It has a fixed triangle Structure which makes the cleaning stable and efficient. Moreover, its scraper is removable and which can be removed by just holding down the scraper button and pull the scraper out. It is easy to use, convenient, safe, effortless, and save space.

 It has a water tank of 120 ml and which is easy to clean after use without making your hands dirty.


 It has an in-built lithium battery with durable power and less consumption. The Xiaomi Lofans Handheld Wireless Glass Cleaner works for 25 mins on a single charge. 

In a nutshell, The Xiaomi Glass Cleaner has loads of feature at a reasonable price of $41.99 only. If you want to buy it follow the link below:-

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