Buy Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot: A Perfect Window Cleaner For Just $125.99(Coupon)

Are you living in a tall building? Are you scared of climbing a ladder to clean your high windows? Do you find it frustrating and tiring to clean your windows? If Yes, then Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot is the perfect solution. Alfawise S60 is a window cleaning robot, Unlike most competitors, it works on horizontal surfaces. The Alfawise S60 comes with 2 microfiber pads which effectively scrub the glass surface, remove the oil stain, dirt and dust. So that your window is cleaned up thoroughly and efficiently in a few minutes.  This device comes with a mobile app which can be downloaded on your phone and allow you to control the robot window cleaner from any position you like, from your couch, bed, bathroom, anywhere of your choice. The device is not only limited to windows as it can clean mirrors, shower cabin walls, and other flat surfaces. The robotic window cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for just $109.99 using coupon code; GBZYS60a

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Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot: The Perfect Window Cleaner

Design & Appearance

The Alfawise S60 Window Cleaner Cleaning Robot comes with a white and black color which makes it very attractive. This robot window cleaner sports two circular pads which wipe the dirt and strong headed stain from the window. It has a vacuum pump under each of the paddles, which keep the robot firmly on the window.  It’s equipped with sensors to detect the window frames, which it uses to calculate the optimal path to clean the window making it work better on a framed window. It has a dimension of 29.50 x 15.00 x 12.50 cm and weighs 950grams making it extremely easy to move around.

Mobile Application Control

One major feature that distinguishes the  Alfawise S60 from every other window cleaning robot is its companion application. This is a technology that has not been used by any other company. The application works as a remote control in your smartphone. You can use it to drive the robot around and activate different cleaning modes. It connects to the device using Bluetooth, which means the range is quite limited.

Remote Control

The Alfawise S60 robotic window cleaner smart robot comes with a Remote control. This remote control allows you to direct the location of the cleaner, and possibly make it clean with different patterns.

Main Features:
AI Technology
Automatically detects window frames and obstacles, calculates and programs an optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency
UPS System and Anti-dropping Algorithm
To stop this small smart appliance from falling if the battery cuts out or the power fails
Zigzag Automatic Cleaning Routes
Auto up then down, auto left then down, auto right then down
Powerful Motor-powered Suction
The vacuum motor will draw in the air allowing the robot to hold onto the glass tightly as it traverses the surface
Remote Control
Simply switch the cleaning route or control the directions by the remote controller
APP Control 
You can control the cleaner through the Bluetooth matching to your smartphone or tablet

Where Can I buy The Alfawise S60 robotic window cleaner smart robot?

The Alfawise S6O robotic window cleaner smart robot is currently on sale at Gearbest for $125.99 using coupon code; GBZYS60a. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE. Click on the link below to get this product

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