TWS I9S airpods Wireless headphones offered for $14.37

The online marketplace is full of different kind of earphones, which makes it hard for a user to select one matching his requirement. Are you looking for wireless headphones, that has excellent sound quality, good battery backup and doesn’t cost your kidneys? If answers to above all question is yes, then you are in the right place. Today we are going to talk about good headphones TWS I9S airpods. For their price, they have a really good sound that will not cause bleeding from the ears and fairly good quality. Therefore, those who do not want to read the review, just say that the headphones are good. Also, those who want the details will find them below.

TWS I9S airpods


Model: i9S-TWS 
Type: Bluetooth Headphones 
Connection Type: Wireless 
Sound: Stereo 
Microphone : Yes 
Wireless Interfaces: Bluetooth 4.2 
Power Type: 
On Battery Box Battery Capacity: 600 mAh 
Headphone Battery Capacity: 60 mAh

The TWS I9S airpods packaging bundle is pretty good. With the headphones, you will also get a case, USB cable, silicone case for case, carabiner, and silicone laces to hold the headphones. The Headbands for the headphones: It is useful for those who are experiencing that the headphones can be lost. Although there is incomprehensible logic. Why with such experiences to buy wireless headphones? Take wired and rejoice. Now about the charging case:
It is quite small. Below there is a micro USB port very much like an apple-like entrance. On one side there is a button to turn on the headphone charging.

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TWS I9S airpods

Look wise the TWS I9S airpods looks pretty. The assembly and appearance of the heaphones are of quality products. Inside each headphone there is an LED which indicates the operation. Design wise, this form of headphones sits in the ears very comfortably due to its shape.

TWS I9S airpods connection

We have seen a lot of people that were struggling with the connectivity of TWS I9S airpods, so we decided to explain it here. First thing first, when you first turn on the headphones, they are not connected with each other. For connecting them its necessary to hold the buttons on both headphones and after turning them on. After some time one earphone will stop blinking the LED and voila the headphones are now connected to each other. After that, you can easily connect headphones with a smartphone

TWS I9S airpods

As for the working time. Fully charge TWS I9S airpods stays for about 3-4 hours, depending upon the volume of headphones. Also, the built-in battery of case is enough to recharge the device 3-4 times, which makes it very easy to use the headphones even if you are in transit and away from a power source. The sound of the headphones is good considering its price. Sound detailing is average, and here it is still to blame that there is a wireless sound transmission technology.

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TWS I9S airpods

Overall, it is entirely possible to buy TWS I9S airpods for such a price if you do not build illusions. For audiophiles and fierce music lovers, of course, these headphones will not work. However, for those who just listen to music, not sibilants, and the way they fart mice under the studio while recording a track, these headphones may even please.

TWS I9S airpods

The TWS I9S airpods are certainly not Apple airpods. However, for its price as a whole is quite a good Take on sales is entirely possible. If you want to choose between TWS other models I5S / I7S / I9S, it is the nine in sound and quality in the first place. It is better to take them. Seven sound much worse. These headphones are suitable for ordinary people who want to try a fully wireless sound cheaply. Therefore, we recommend it rather than not.

Where to buy TWS I9S airpods?

The TWS I9S airpods are available at gearbest at an inexpensive price of

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