helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter with Double Batteries Offered For Just $189.99(Coupon)

Whether you’re an enthusiastic pilot or a crazy fan of quadcopter who needs to shoot aerial photos, it is indispensable to possess a reliable quadcopter with HD camera. So come and try our helifar Brushless RC Quadcopter with GPS and 5G-WiFi FPV. The sporty quadcopter equipped with a brushless motor is capable of a stunning fast speed during flying, which aims to bring you a thrilling outdoor flight experience. It is perfect for 14-year-old and up children to show off their flying skills. Easy to operate and control.

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The helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter is fabricated from lightweight Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)/ PS materials, a common thermoplastic polymer giving this device a strong resistance impact. It has a dimension of 25.00 x 29.00 x 10.50 cm. It weighs just 393grams making it lightweight lighter than must smartphone in the market today. It comes in a classic black color only. The Drone has Incredible flight stability combining optical flow + barometric sensor + 6-axis gyro stabilization to ensure a perfect steady flight.  The Optical flow makes the drone fly steadily and achieve a smooth control while altitude hold positioning system provides a good stability.

helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter with Double Batteries- Black


The helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter has many features, one of which includes, Target Tracking Function which can automatically follow and shoot to record the target within 5 – 30M with GPS and you don’t need to manually input on the remote controller. Just find a fixed point to maneuver it during your move! Another good feature of the drone includes the headless mode flight mode which ensures that the quadcopter will always follow controls from your perspective all the time, regardless of the way, the quadcopter is facing. It also features the altitude hold mode which ensures that the aircraft maintains a consistent altitude while allowing roll, pitch, and yaw to be normally controller. Another function that makes the drone stand out is its face tracking function: after recognizing a human face, people moving around / left/right / up / down can control the aircraft to fly back / forth / up / down

helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter with Double Batteries- Black

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The drone capture Clearer Images. The drone features a full HD 1080P camera to transmit crystal-clear pictures and live videos, providing accurate capture. Also, it provides flexible Shooting Angles. the adjustable lens can be tilted from 0-degree to 80-degree for providing you a wider field vision during the shoot. It is also embedded with GPS Fixed Point Flight: you can set multiple waypoints for the quadcopter on the APP to make it automatically fly along the preset path while focusing on photographing. Talking about the device battery and related issues, it is induced with a Low-battery / Out of Control Return which would enable the device to automatically and accurately locate the remote controller and return its home point when the GPS signal is weak or the battery of remote controller is rapidly running out. It also provides longer Flight Time, unlike other drones. don’t worry that your flying pleasure is reduced because of a short flying time. The 1800mAh high-performance Li-ion battery allows the quadcopter to stay in the air for about 20mins on one charge. Plus, it is equipped with an extra battery to double your flight time in the air.

Where To Buy The helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter

The helifar B3 5G-WiFi FPV Brushless RC Quadcopter with Double Batteries is currently available on Gearbest for $189.99

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