Xiaomi Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner Offered For $144.82

Xiaomi works very energetically with Deerma in the household appliances sector. Months ago, they presented one amazing product which we are about to talk about, it is a wired vacuum cleaner that will pull everything in its path.

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Portable Xiaomi Deerma Vacuum Cleaner: Features

This new device is ideal to clean everything you find in your way: hair, dust and any other dirt agent. Best of all, it is portable, so it can be used with just one hand, also is incredibly light and quiet; in operation, it reaches 78dB. In case you need it, it comes with several types of brush for greater cleaning efficiency. However, the main brush is exclusively for the floor and it has a 48cm diameter. It has been designed to easily enter on any corner of the room because it has a rotation angle of 270°.

A new vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi and Deerma

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In terms of internal specifications, it comes with a 14,000Pa engine that allows it to spin at a speed of 38,500rpm. An excellent equipment to vacuum under pressure against the floor or the surfaces you wish to clean. The article in charge of collecting all dirt and filtering is a HEPA 10 filter, but it not only has the function of a collector but also traps and prevents the release of mites and dust suspended in the air. 100% recommended for those who suffer some type of allergy.

Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Double-circulation Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner - White

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The dirt container has a 0.8-liter capacity. In the set with the vacuum cleaner, we get a few tips to match the currently cleaned surface, there will also be suitable for cleaning upholstery and sofas. The noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner at maximum speed is 78 dB. The cord length in the vacuum cleaner is 5 meters.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner

The Xiaomi Deerma DX800S Multipurpose Upright Back Carrying Vacuum Cleaner is currently available on Gearbest for $144.82

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