HBQ Q18 TWS Mini: Is it worth buying?

Earphones have come a long way after Apple brought out the idea of truly wireless earphones with the AirPods. They’ve been multiple knockoffs of the AirPods and some companies bringing out their TWS earphones. One company that has come with both knockoffs and their own TWS earphone is HBQ. In that line-up, the HBQ Q18 TWS Mini is one that is available on Gearbest at $28.47.

Amidst such a wide range of products in the TWS earphone market, comparisons and analysis of products will always be done before a purchase is done. Things like if it is worth shelling out so much money and whether the cheap option is efficient in the long run are questions that are always asked. In such scenarios, here is why the HBQ Q18 Bluetooth Earphone is a good choice of earphones.

Offer Price: $28.47

HBQ Q18 Wireless Earbuds MINI: Worth Buying?

Different and Dazzling design

The AirPods which was the pioneer into the TWS earphone market came out with a rectangular charging case and the design for the earphones was one that is known to all. Other products like the Lenovo Air TWS had a design with the tips of the earphone outside from the body and a cylindrical charging case. These are some of the popular designs employed by TWS earphones. The HBQ Q18 TWS Mini stands out with an entirely new design used in the earphones and the charging case.

The HBQ Q18 TWS Mini comes with an ergonomic design that perches comfortably on the ears without any discomfort or chances of falling off. The skin-friendly silicone tips on the earbuds provide a smooth experience even with prolonged usage. The HBQ Q18 TWS is made of plastic but gives the feeling and appearance of acrylic glass being used. The earbuds are lightweight which adds on to the comfort factor. Since the diaphragm and dynamic driver is made of titanium, the HBQ Q18 Mini is expected to provide users with a lovely bass filled experience.

The charging case is also different for the HBQ Q18 TWS as it doesn’t carry the look of the conventionally used ones. The simple and compact manner it is available hasn’t been seen in the market yet. The design is appealing to the eye and fits perfectly into one’s hand. As it is compact, it can be kept in the pocket without bulging out. It also provides safety to the HBQ Q18 TWS Mini when it isn’t kept in the ear.

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A bass filled experience

The HBQ Q18 TWS Mini is all set to give the users a bass filled experience. With the drivers and diaphragm made of titanium, the bass is enhanced in a manner that bass lovers wouldn’t want to remove the Q18 Mini from their ears. When compared to other TWS earphones in the market, most of them lack in providing a bass enriched experience. The HBQ Q18 Bluetooth Earphone outperforms to become an enjoyable experience in terms of bass.

One button for it all

Most of the TWS earphones provide a touch-based control for any gestures to be done. The Q18 has a single button on the side of each earbud to help for smooth control over gestures. While the other TWS earphones need time to get acquainted with the based-controls, the HBQ Q18 Bluetooth Earphone is simple and ready to use from the beginning without any discomfort.

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Long lasting battery

The Q18 has a pretty average battery life when compared to other TWS earphones that are available on the market. Clocking in a time of 3 to 4 hours, it has a decent battery life. One thing that none of the companies dabbling in TWS earphones has been able to improve on is battery life. Enabling a bigger battery onto the small components of wireless earphones is difficult. Instead of prodding on the components there, many companies have tried to reduce the charging time by the charging case and extend its battery life. That is exactly what HBQ has done as well. They’ve reduced the charging time to just above 1 hour. They’ve also increased the battery capacity of the case to hold 4 to 5 earbud charges.

All these ensure that the HBQ Q18 TWS Mini has good battery life and comfortable experience.

The Perks of buying HBQ Q18 Mini TWS:

  • The HBQ 18 is possibly the cheapest under $30 earbuds that offers noise-cancellation to a decent extent.
  • With the help of Bluetooth V4.2 and EDR intelligence the pairing of the earbuds is super smooth.
  • The device offers 120 Hours of stand-by time & 3-4 hours of music playback.
  • Super-Lightweight & extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Extremely unique design and looks way fancier than other TWS in the market.

Price & Availability

In the flooded market of TWS earbuds, the HBQ Q18 marks a stand for itself by providing the most unique design and amazing build quality. The impressive factor about the device is its price tag. At just $28.47 the device offers impressive 4 hours of music playback and also surprisingly offers noise cancellation to a pretty good extent. The HBQ Q18 Bluetooth Earphone could be your next coolest earbuds. You can use the following link to claim the offer.

Buy HBQ Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (BLACK)

Offer Price: $28.47

Buy HBQ Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds (WHITE)

Offer Price: $27.11

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