2019 Best Free Version Video Converter


Wondershare video converter is the software which has an extensive number of functions such as it can convert video to other formats like mp3, mp4 or DVD and vice versa and it is also possible to burn videos through it. It does the work faster than other video converters and it also supports more than 1000 formats.

Its premium version is highly advanced which has functions like it is 30 times faster than other converters; it can compress the video, burn the video etc. It is also possible to make GIF, transfer the files to other devices through it.

2019 Best Free Video Converter

Convert video to mp3, mp4 or DVD and vice versa

By using this video converter a user can easily convert his or her files to another format. A user may sometimes need to convert his or her video file to mp3 file. In that time, the user can use this converter to do this. High-resolution mp4 files are not supported in the devices which are low in quality. So in that time, the user can convert it to 3gp format or other formats which will support on the device. The most interesting thing is by using this converter it is possible to convert the MP3, MP4 or DVD file to a format which will support the iPhone, iPad, AVI to MP4 and camcorder.

Best YouTube Converter to Convert YouTube to MP3/MP4

It can be regarded as one of the best YouTube files converters. By using it a user can easily download the YouTube videos, mp3 and can also convert Instagram, Facebook to mp4.

Burn Videos

It is possible to burn videos to different kinds of formats such as DVD or ISO format and more importantly, its quality remains very high. Besides, by using this device it is possible to burn a video to high-quality blue- ray disc or blue- ray folder. Moreover, it can customize DVD menu with various kinds of DVD templates.

Main feature


This video converter is very fast in doing its task. It supports high-speed conversion and GPU acceleration which ensures its converting task is done smoothly and at a greater speed. 

Support 1000 formats

It can convert videos or DVD to 1000 formats so a user can easily use this according to his or her preferences.

Process batch videos at once

It converts different videos or DVD to other formats in batch. For this, it reduces the waste of time as a user does not need to select single videos or files to convert other formats.

Other functions

Video editing

It is possible to reduce the size of the main videos by splitting it into various small segments. By using this converter, it is also possible to crop the unnecessary part of the video and rotate video. Subtitles can be included in the video files and watermark image can be used for the copyright issues.  

Screen recorder

It is possible to record the voices which are used for desktop activities such as the audio of games or video tutorials for sharing it with others by using this wondershare video converter. It can also record the videos from the streaming site like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Transfer Videos to devices

After the converting being done, it is possible to transfer the files to iPhones, iPad, flash drives etc. for easy watching and can also be used as a backup option.

GIF Maker

It can easily convert the video file to GIF file which is low in size and can be easily shared by various sources. It is also possible to convert a photo to GIF by setting up its size, format etc.

Part 2: Premium Version of the wondershare video converter

Main function


Its conversion rate is 30 times fast than converter which reduces the time of a user. It can convert videos files or DVD files to mp3 and vice versa and also convert the different formats of the video following the instruction by the user. After conversion, its output remains high quality.

Video compressor

It can compress the video without any kind of quality loss for which it can be trustworthy software for a user.

Download video

By clicking a single click a user can easily download an MP3 file from YouTube. Besides, it is also possible to download YouTube HD videos, 4k videos by using this software.

Burn video

It can burn HD, FHD, iPhone videos to blue- ray discs or DVD. For back up, it burns videos to ISO or DVD file in local disk. Besides, this process is done at a greater speed even without any loss of the video quality.

Main feature

Convert any video to over 1000 formats

This video converter gives the freedom to a user to convert the videos in all the most recognized formats and even the unusual formats also. A wide range of formats is supported such as WebM to MP4, TS to MP4 and so on. It also supports 4k videos and also some VR devices.

30X faster video conversion speed

Its conversion speed is 30 times faster than other video converters. It supports the GPU acceleration which ensures a greater speed of converting a file. It also makes the full use of the multicore processor to speed up the rate of conversion.  

Convert videos to a different format in batch

By using this video converter, it is possible to convert the video files in various formats in a batch which means these are converted at the same time and the format will also be the same.

Other functions

GIF Maker

It can convert videos or photos to GIF which can be optimized by size, formats by the user. Besides, GIF format is supported by more sources and it can be easily shared to others.

 Screen Record

Recording of all the activities of the desktop with a voice can be easily done by this video converter. The subtitles of something or some audio files can be recorded once and it can be kept for backup or sharing to others.

VR converter

For the windows operator, it can convert any kind of its videos to VR format. So, a user can save the videos and keep that for further needs.

DVD Converter

It can convert the DVD to ISO or DVD folder directly and this is applicable only for the mac user.


This video converter can do a large number of tasks such as it can convert video to any other format, it can record the voice from the desktop, and GIF can be made by it and so on. Its premium which is also known as the ultimate version is 30 times faster than other soft wares. And it is also possible to work in a batch which reduces the waste of time for a user.

So lets Free Try Wondershare Free Video Converter

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