i12 vs i11 TWS: Which Airpod Clone is worth buying?

Releasing updated products within two or three months isn’t a good way for a company to earn good opinions & comments from customers. Only a few exceptions are generally seen for this rule of thumb. One such overwhelming industry is the knockoffs of certain products in the electronic industry. In this line-up AirPods Clones have been getting undeniably amazing response and reviews. Today we’re going to compare the Best of Airpod Clones: i12 vs i11 TWS.

So at a time when the i12 TWS has been released just immediately after the i11, it is quite a muddle to as whether there exists any difference between the two. So here’s a comparison to help you decide between the i12 vs i11 TWS.

i12 vs i11 TWS: The Clone Wars


Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YouTuber)

Both the i11 TWS and the i12 TWS steer away form how the i10 is designed. Both of them sport the same look of the AirPods, where the LED charging indicator someone else is present inside the charging cables. If you’ve already owned the company’s standard Apple’s wired EarPods then probably you’ll be already familiar with the design of the i12 & i11 TWS Airpods Clones. They are just the enhanced & Elegant wireless versions that almost replicates the official Apple AirPods.

One major difference in design between the i11 and the i12 could be the button on the charging case of the i11.

Connectivity and Usage

Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YouTuber)

The i11 takes a major drawback that was present in the i10 and has changed it. The i10 used to depend on the right earbud for providing sound during calls and other purposes as it had a single mic located there. The inclusion of one more mic into the i11 lineup has many more interested people turning to be prospective buyers

The i11 TWS and the i12 TWS have a similar set of touch controls with both of them being able to switch on and off manually without any user manual.


The sound quality offered by both of them are really indistinguishable and it ain’t easy for someone who is blindfolded to say if they are using the i12 or i11. This sound level is quite decent in its own standard but it is also not at the level of the AirPods.

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Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YouTuber)

This is one area where there exists a clear difference between the i11 and the i12. With claims of having up to 4 hours of battery, the i11 doesn’t meet them and succumbs within 2 hours of usage. This when compared to the life of the i12 which is slightly more than 4 lakhs. The charging case for the i11 also provides only 3-4 charges whereas the i12 has the capacity for 4-5 charges.


Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews (YouTuber)

The i11 and the i12 do fight neck in neck in almost all areas of interest except the battery options made available by each. When comparing the price of both the i11 and the i12, it is better to go for the i12 as paying a small amount lower for bad battery life doesn’t make much sense with the i11.

i12 TWS Airpods 2 Clone [Latest 2019 Release]

Sale Price: $14.88

i11 TWS Airpods Clone

Sale Price: $7.99

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