Mi Control Hub – The Xiaomi Gateway for the European market is now on sale!

Xiaomi has a set of home automation products known as Gateway. These allow smart control of many areas of the home, including lighting and some appliances. But unfortunately for the people of the European continent, there was no version that could adapt properly in this market because it had to be done with plug adapters and in addition to dealing with Chinese servers. All this is over, finally, the Mi Control Hub of Xiaomi has begun to be marketed for the European countriesand one of the beneficiary countries is Spain.

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Mi Control Hub: The best gateway for home automation

Although the news does not seem so important, the fact is that the devices integrated into the Mi Control Hub of Xiaomi will make life easier for many users. Especially those who are fans of technology, Xiaomi, and home automation, because they are essential to control other accessories of the company. The best thing is that now they can all be controlled with the advantage of being dedicated to this market because they come with European plugs and are also compatible with the servers. Of course, we want to warn customers that according to what we know so far and although the products are original, their distribution in Spain is not yet official.

Mi Control Hub - The Xiaomi Gateway

Four products are included, which are the following:

  • Mi Control Hub DGNWG05LM: the main element, allows you to have up to thirty devices connected. It is compatible with WiFi, 868 MHz, and ZigBee. Includes speaker so it is also compatible with Alexa and the Google assistant.
  • Mi Window and Door Sensor MCCGQ01LM: it detects if a door is opened. It offers a response time of 15 milliseconds.
  • Mi Motion Sensor RTCGQ01LM: detects movement, has a detection range of seven meters. Its angle of view is 170 degrees.
  • Mi Wireless Switch WXKG01LM: a customizable switch, this is associated with other smart accessories.
Mi Control Hub - The Xiaomi Gateway


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