Xiaomi mocks the Samsung Galaxy M series through the Redmi Note 7

One of the devices that have recently been targeted is the Redmi Note 7 due to the various rumors that have spread in recent days. It is known that Xiaomi has been actively working on this mobile to improve it as much as possible, and has launched hints about it by various means, such as the diversity of colors it will have, among other details. Through Twitter, the company made a publication talking about the new Samsung Galaxy M series because it is a possible rival for the Redmi Note 7. This is not a new rivalry since previously, there have been mockery attempts between these terminals.

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The great competition between the Redmi Note 7 and the Samsung Galaxy M series

In all publications that have been made, Xiaomi has not referred directly to the Samsung Galaxy M20, however, they have been using the letter “M” as a pseudonym to refer to these devices. Because this has been presented in all the teaser, it gives the impression that they have been making fun of this series from the beginning. This becomes more evident at the time when Xiaomi made a publication in which we can see the AnTuTu score of the Galaxy M series and the direct score of the Redmi Note 7.

This makes obvious the intentions that Xiaomi has since we can see that the score of the Redmi Note 7 is excellent in front of the devices of the Samsung series. To be a little more specific, the Redmi Note 7 obtained a total of 143,000 points while the M-branded device obtained a total of 123,000 points. Speaking about the Redmi Note 7, this device was already launched in China for a price of 999 yuan ($148), has a 6.3″ screen with an FHD resolution, and is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It has versions of 3/4/6GB of RAM in conjunction with a Snapdragon 660 processor, in addition to having 32/64GB of ROM. This memory can be expanded up to 256GB by means of a micro SD.

Redmi Note 7

All this makes this device a very strong competitor to beat in the current market. It is expected that the company will launch the pro version of this mobile very soon, so they would be two titans.


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