The Xiaomi Mi 9 was designed by the creator of Xiaomi Mi 6

If you have been aware of the world of technology in recent days, you will know that the Xiaomi Mi 9 is in the eye of the hurricane today because of speculations. It is not for less because this will be the new flagship of the giant Chinese company, or at least that is what is believed. From its single announcement, the rumors began to emerge, but it was not until a week ago that these speculations intensified due to the revelation of a couple of photos about the design of the mobile.

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These rumors continued to spread around the world with a third image that showed a possible prototype of this Smartphone. Now the director of Xiaomi products, Wang Teng, made a publication on Weibo in which he says that the designer of the Xiaomi Mi 9 (called Mi Liu) is the same as the one who designed the Xiaomi Mi 6.

The possible appearance of the Xiaomi Mi 9

While it is true that there has been no official information on how the mobile could be, due to this new revelation, there is a lot of speculation about the possible aspect it will have. It should be remembered that the Xiaomi Mi 6 uses ceramic with a curved glass or curved zirconia as the main material of its fuselage. This may give many indications that the Xiaomi Mi 9 could have a very polished and shiny body, thus making the mobile look really good.

Xiaomi Mi 9

Other aspects of the Xiaomi Mi 6 that can influence the Xiaomi Mi 9, is that the Mi 6 had a fairly rigorous process to achieve the brilliant finish that characterizes it. This device was made with a process of electroplating that offered a better result when polishing the design. According to Wang Teng: “At least at the designer level, the Xiaomi Mi 9 will have something in common with the Xiaomi Mi 6. So maybe there is also a special version in silver for the next model.”

Due to all the recent leaks that have occurred even from the hand of Wang Teng himself, it is to be thought that the launch of this device is just around the corner, but we will still have to wait for Xiaomi as a brand to make a statement about the possible date.


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