It as been confirmed the use of Visionox AMOLED panels by Xiaomi

A topic that has been talked about a lot recently is about the new flex technology that is beginning to be implemented in smartphones, many companies have spoken about it, including Huawei and Samsung, and of course Xiaomi has also done it, they even have said that they are preparing to launch the first device that will have the capacity of double folding. But in many cases, those who make the panels are not the ones who assemble the phones. This is too, Xiaomi’s case, who after several rumors, an executive of the company has confirmed that the future phone with double folding is a work in conjunction with Visionox.

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Work between Xiaomi and Visionox

Another thing the executive said is that this new display technology is the future of smartphones. These statements put an end to everything that had been speculated on with regard to the joint work between these two big companies, since the fans were very interested in knowing who was the provider of this technology, this with the intention of getting a little more information regarding this mobile.

Xiaomi MIX Flex Model - Visionox

According to the information presented by the research firm All View Consulting, Visionox was the third largest manufacturer of AMOLED screens in the entire 2018. This company recently started their production of flexible AM6 displays, also called AM6ED, in Hefei, the province of Anhui, China This double-fold device was originally presented by Xiaomi’s chairman, Lin Bin, who stated that they have to overcome a lot of difficulties to get where they are now with respect to the device’s development level, however, they still face certain complications, but hope to end it soon.

One of the things that should be very clear is that Xiaomi is attached to Visionox is their provider of screens, but they will have to wait until the current production line is completed. However, the company during their statements did not give any information about how long this could be.


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