i10s TWS Airpods: A Clone that Impressed me! (iXS)

AirPods have had many clones over time and one of the best ones in the market is the i series of TWS earpods. While the i12 is the latest and best of the series so far, it is normal for questions to arise whether the previous ones still make the cut to be in the running and whether it is worth a buy now that better ones have hit the market. Here are the reasons why the i10s TWS Airpods is still a worthy buy among all these stiff new competitors from the same company.

iXS TWS Airpods

Cheap down the road

One reason that always helps the older chaps of a company to survive is the low price it retains or even drops down when a new hipster addition to the crew is done. Just like other old versus new products, the i10s TWS Airpods is priced cheaper and around half the price of the i12. The impressive factor about the iXS TWS is that its relatively cheaper price doesn’t cancel out the power-packed performance shown by it. Tiny and at a trivial cost, the iXS Airpods does find reasons to latch on to customers who want to buy it.

The battery that won’t bail

Just like how the battery life of any smartphone is to be looking out for, the battery life for wireless products also is a trademark of where they stand in the lineup. The i10s TWS Airpods has about 3-4 hours of playback which is quite impressive for a lower end TWS earphone. The charging case that comes along packs the juice for a full 3 and a half charge more. One impressive factor is that it gets charged in a pretty half hour.

At a time where speed is a major necessity, the quick charging powers of the iXS TWS combined with its impeccable battery life does leave a lasting mark on everyone who wants to buy it and those who are using it/browsing on shelves near you.

Cancel out your worries

The i10s TWS Airpods comes with an impressive noise-cancellation technology implemented behind those tiny buds. They’re capable of filtering out the excess noise that always exists and is stagnant outside the earphones. Calls are done clearly and music is melodically mesmerising even in the crowdiest gossip gala.

The environment outside is not something to be mixed with enjoyable experiences of listening to music or neither should it interfere with calls to a loved one or listening to your boss yelling. These are already moments of life which do not need any external disturbances. The i10s TWS Airpods is a blessing that is a savior of those moments however messy or melodious they are.

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Quick to the core

Any Bluetooth device needs to be really quick in connecting to each other. The iXS TWS shines in that aspect and has a smooth and swift connection to the required mobile or laptop. Once switched on, it immediately pairs to the device. With a connecting speed of 2 seconds, the i10s TWS Airpods doesn’t bring any concerns about waiting for a connection to the device.

What makes the iXS TWS Airpods Clone Special?

  • Extremely cheap
  • Blazing Fast bluetooth connections
  • Noise cancellation is really good
  • Quick Charges for the earbuds when kept in the case

iXS / i10S TWS Wireless Airpods

Offer Price: $31.06

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Budget Alternative: i8 TWS Airpods ($13)

I would also like to introduce you to the i8 TWS Airpods Clone. It is definitely one the cheapest and a still worthy Airpod replica you can buy till date! If the i10S is out of your budget then the i8 TWS is a worthy choice that is worth every penny you spend. You can purchase the i8 TWS Airpods for just: $13.

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