The Xiaomi MIX Flex still has several obstacles to overcome before reaching the market

Xiaomi continues to work tirelessly to become the best technology company in the entire market, which is why they struggle to find new ways to create devices, implementing new technologies. Several weeks ago, an informant through Weibo named Evan Blass revealed a video of a new Xiaomi mobile that had the ability to double-fold, which is possibly called Xiaomi MIX Flex. This would be Xiaomi’s first phone with this impressive feature, however, the company has today given some statements that we can be further away than it seems from the mobile.

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Xiaomi publication on the Xiaomi MIX Flex

Something that is not yet known is the official name that will have the mobile when going to the market, this because everything that has been seen so far is a prototype, so much that the head of Xiaomi product development, Wang Teng Thomas, has made a publication on Weibo stating that they are solving some problems that have arisen with the device, due to its special feature of double folding. To be a little more familiar with this terminal, we must say that it is a mobile with the capacity to fold outwards on each side, that is, it can be folded both on the left side of the body and on the right side.

Xiaomi MIX Flex Weibo

With this, it is achieved that when the mobile is fully deployed, it reaches twice the original dimensions. Thomas stated, “making a flexible phone that folds outward is harder than one that folds inward. The Xiaomi phone folds out twice, which means double complications”. Answering the doubt of a follower, he said that one of the problems they are struggling with is the durability of the device, due to its full-screen design, since that makes it a fragile mobile that would not survive falls, and for this they still cannot find a solution, but they are still working on it.


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