Xiaomi has created a house prototype to survive on Mars

Xiaomi has proven to be an extremely versatile company, which is capable of creating all kinds of smart devices, ranging from smartphones to accessories, home products, or even their own clothing line. It has been a brand that has been present in almost any market that can come to mind, but what would you think if we told you that the Chinese company is working in a house to live on Mars? That’s right, a house that serves to survive the surface of our sister planet Mars, which has only managed to send a successful explorer robot.

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Xiaomi’s future plans on their Mars house

This shows that Xiaomi has a series of plans much larger than simply technology products, it is also looking to help develop the space age properly with their contributions, this is because China is a great power and also has the desire to contribute the space race, due to that, Xiaomi has not been limited only to what they can create for the earth, but has decided to travel further. This project has been developed by the headquarters in Beijing and has been given the name of MARS Case, it is a house with a minimalist design that can withstand unexplored environments, has the ability to reuse heat, water, among other resources.

Physically it is a house created from several inflatable modules with sizes of 2.4×2.4×2 meters, this means that it can literally be deflated to be carried from one place to another. One of the modules included is of electrical appliances, so it is very well equipped for all types of needs. This module is called The Home, however, it was not only developed by Xiaomi, since a company called OPEN Architecture helped a lot with the design.


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