Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves Review: Made from Lambskin Spanish Raw Materials

One of the significant dilemmas everyone faces in the winter season is how to operate smartphone when it’s so cold outside? Maybe some Santa Claus from Xiaomi have heard this problem, and the company has recently unveiled the Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves from the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform. It’s a leather winter glove, in which you can work with capacitive touch screens. The concept of such gloves is not new, and Xiaomi has long been weaving gloves with such a features. However, this is the first time it has uses leather as a material for gloves rather than wool. Now its time to see how it performs and feels.


The Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves arrives in a soft anti-shock package, the gloves were inside a translucent zip lock package.

Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesOn the top left corner you can see the Xiaomi crowdfunding logo.

Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves

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You can see the Xioami crowdfunding logo on different devices, from different manufacturers. They are linked to Xioami either by financing, or owning shares or even the entire company – Xiaomi.
Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves


The Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves comes in a black, classic look, with soft to the touch feeling. When opening – absolutely no strange smell, a pleasant aroma of a new leather thing.

Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesWe got an XL size Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves so there will be not any problem with any size of hand.
Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesThe product is of the highest quality, tailoring is good, protruding threads, loose seams and the like, we did not find.
Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesThe Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves also comes with a strap with buttons on the outside. Coordinating it will allow you to more accurately fit the gloves.
Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesThe inner part of the Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves has a wool lining, which keeps your hands warm in the winter season.
Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves


For me the gloves sat down without a fit, right out of the box.

Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesThe feelings of wearing are pleasant, everything is very convenient. I wear them for about a week every day
Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesI live in a temperate zone, most of the winter – the temperature is not below -10 (often above zero)

In thin autumn gloves, hands begin to freeze at temperatures below 0, and thick leather ones are well suited at temperatures below 10 (a couple of weeks a year it happens). Xiaomi Touch Screen gloves perfectly closed the main gap from 0 to minus 10. Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesThis morning it was minus 8, it was comfortable in these gloves, although in general my hands are cold

Xiaomi Touch Screen GlovesNow the main feature of the Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves- working with a touch screen. The gloves work perfectly fine, without any sort of problem – the screen is withdrawn instantly. The gloves really make the user happy, because now if you have to answer the call or use the camera, you don’t need to take your hands out from gloves and you can use your smartphone in an instant. Not only this you can even type the text in these boxes.
Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves


The Xiaomi Touch Screen Gloves did not disappoint. They are rather lightweight and at the same time warm, classic, discreet design, leather with a woolen lining. We can undoubtedly recommend it as a solution for working with the screen outside in the cold.

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