i12 TWS Airpods Clone: A Perfect Airpods Knockoff? [Flash Sale]

I am not really a fan of knock-offs but everything changed when I was introduced to the i12 TWS Airpods Clone. While there are plenty of AirPods-like TWS on websites like Gearbest & Ali-Express, not all of them are good or even decent. It is always a dielemma when you’ve to choose a replica especially from a Chinese Manufacturer. The i12 TWS are from the makers of the previously excelled i10 TWS. Yes! The long awaited i12 TWS Airpods Clone is finally here and it could sweep the floor off to become the best Airpods Knockoff till date!

Most of the good TWS earbuds range between $150 to $200 but then the i10 TWS Wireless Earbud changed the whole perspective of knockoffs. So in this article let’s go through all the new features offered on the i12 TWS and see whether this brand new Airpod Clone has what it takes to continue the legacy of what the i10 TWS has accomplished.


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The i12 TWS Airpod Clone offers the very same aesthetics that we can experience on the Apple Airpods. It adheres rigidly and offers amazing build materials. Like the i10 TWS, the i12 also doesn’t feel any cheap. It has a great glossy finish and feels good to hold and wear. This time the i12 TWS is made much lighter and weighs only around 0.0700 kg. Thus making it more delicate and compact

Photo Credits: HappyRider Reviews

The size of the i12 TWS case is just perfect and can be kept even in pants with smaller pockets. The weight and the size makes the i12 TWS Airpod easy to carry anywhere you go. The i12 TWS is designed in such a way that there isn’t much of pressing insides of your ear. They feel super comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause any sweat even after extensive usage. Unlike the i10 TWS, the i12 TWS completely adapts the Airpods 2 Design. Like it has removed the indicator on the side and adapts the exact same size as the actual Apple Airpods. Which makes the near perfect Airpods Replica. Unlike the Airpods Gen 1, the i12 TWS Clone does offer water resistance (IPX6 Rating).

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i12 TWS: Sound Quality

One concern most buyers have while buying a knockoff is the balance of bass and treble. That ain’t a need to be nervous for the i12. Maintaining a balance that doesn’t create a disturbance in the ears of listeners has been a major focus by TWS with all their AirPods clones. Even though attaining the crystal clear audio quality of the AirPods isn’t on target for TWS, the i12 has a pretty good quality for a clone meant for the average person who can’t afford AirPods.

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Stunning Hardware & Battery Performance

The i12 TWS uses the all new Raychem 5.0 chipset. This particular chipset is a touch sensor that is introduced in order to replicate the highly efficient haptic & touch feedback found on the Apple Airpods. The sensor is also said to boost the Bluetooth range and provide a pretty efficient battery management. The device carries a 55mAh battery. It is said to offer about 4 hours of music playback or talk time. On-Standby it offers a freaking 100 Hours of juice.

The i12 TWS on an average takes 1 hour of charging time in order to give 4 hours of play back. Also guess what you can juice up the earpods up-to 5 times with the charging case. The case also features a lighting charging port, which means you can use the same cable that your iPhone supports.

The i12 Bluetooth 5.0 earphones can endure it’s connectivity up-to 10 meter radius which is approximately 32 feet when there are no obstacles in between it’s source and destination. Its hands free mode is the new modern thing which we need. And the protocol they’ve carried out are A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP.

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Should you buy the i12 TWS Airpods Clone?

The device offers features more than the price-tag it carries and that is what makes the i12 TWS Airpod clone so special. The i12 TWS is a great choice among the multiple knockoffs available on the market which draw from AirPods for inspiration. The ease of usage and the smooth touch-sensitive controls on the earbuds make it feasible for all as a day-to-day product to be used and one that has the amount of battery life to survive a rough day as well. These specialties make the i12 a wonderful wireless earphone available on the market at a cheap price. Also currently you can purchase the i12 TWS on gearbest for a pre-sale price of just $59.99.

i12 TWS Airpods 2 Clone

Sale Price: $23.99 (Flash Sale)


Bluetooth Distance: 10 metres or 32.81 Feet
Chipset: Raychem 5.0
Battery Life: 4 Hours of Play Back
Dock Charging Capacity: Can charge the earbuds up-to 5 Times
Charging time: 1 Hour
Stand-By time: 100 Hour
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1

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