Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set Review

The Perfect Exercise Kit for Your Home

We all know Xiaomi as a brand for electronics for their value for money products all around us. They have reached out to a lot of accessories which we use almost all around the day. To smart phones to smart watches, to small scoters to LED TV’s they are constantly trying to reach out to us with their products. Recently they have reached out the health sector of our lives by launching their brand new product the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set. It is designed is such a manner that it ensures to keep our body fit & health in good condition. It is a complete exercise kit to keep our bodies fit & healthy. It is a multi-functional equipment that enables us to perform a lot of body exercise & motions in one set. It has a lot of tools that can be used and designed in such fashion that certain exercises can be performed through it.

Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set ReviewXiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set Review

The new Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is full surprises that is loaded for its users. It comes with a lot of functions. So, lets get to know this amazing fitness kit.


After purchasing the brand new Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set you will find a lot of parts of this trainer kit. You will find 2 Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set,2 x Push-ups, 1 Power Wheel, 2 x Jump Rope, 1 x Charging Base, 1 x Power Adapter 1 x Jump Rope Bracket, 1 x Equipment Bracket. It can be neatly organized so that it will bear least space in your home. But as the parts come in different assembles it has to be followed through the instructions.

Compact Design

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has a very simplistic design. It has a very elegant design feature. It has a dimension of 51.00 x 36.00 x 31.00 cm. The weight of this exercise kit is 6.5 kg. The material of the fitness kit is made from metal & sponge. The design is perfect for people to have a very nice grip on the machines while performing exercises. It is important for the users to have a precise grip that comes to hand of the users. It has black & red color used by it.


As the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is only 6.5 kg in weight it can easily be carried from one place to another. It acts like it is your personal portable gym that you can take anywhere.

Multifunctional exercise coverageXiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set Review

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is the coordination of the machine & the user. It has 4 light mechanical devices that provide a full set of advices just like an athlete needs. It has smart handle feature. It can record up to 41 movements of the user. It can provide a full coverage of aerobic & anaerobic exercises that will be helpful for the body. You can lead a healthy lifestyle without even going to the gym and performing according to the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set.

Gym at Your Own Home

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set provides a full exercise experience which an average normal person goes to the Gym before. There are a lot of machines in the gym and often it occurs that the machine is not suitable for you. But the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has a very simple approach in solving this issue. It has deigned the tools very smartly so that it can be used by all the users irrespectively.

Tension Ropes

There are a lot of exercises where pulling or skipping is involved. Often the height of people can differ these exercises as well as the length of the ropes. So the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has provided its users with 5 types of tension ropes that are from 5 lbs to 25 lbs accordingly.

High Precision Sensors

The smart handle of the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has 7 types of high precision sensors that are built in for analyzing the user status. Let us know about the sensors that the kit has.

  • Touch Sensor: Detecting the hand every time the hand touches the handle bar.
  • Six axis Sensor: Identifies the hand gestures & the position of the handle.
  • Pressure Sensor: This sensor allows the kit to learn the habits of the users & also doesn’t allow them to cheat in any if the exercises.
  • Tension Sensor: This identifies the elastic tension of the cable
  • Photoelectronic Encoder: This code is used for skipping & rope count
  • Infrared Ranging & Infrared Reflection Sensor: This sensor detects the motion of the handle & in what state the handle is.

Digital Monitoring

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has a digital monitoring place. This is one of the best features of this device. It is installed with Bluetooth version 4.0. The smart fitness can easily be connected through Bluetooth and record the calorie consumption, competition of exercise, helping you in identifying the wrong & write of the posture exercises. Users can see all these on the Move it APP. It can be downloaded in the App store. You can also challenge yourself with different exercise.


As the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has Bluetooth 4.0 installed to it.  The Move it App helps the users in reviewing their full exercise pattern. It records all the data and correct exercises performed by the user. You can even compare your exercises of real time exercise opponents. These features will help you in keeping a fit body and also comparing it with your friends.

Providing scientific fitness movements

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has been put through a lot of thinking & efforts. So, it designed scientifically for better fitness exercises. It has four ergonomic equipment to guide scientific fitness movement. Let’s learn about these equipment’s.

  • Elastic Rope: The Elastic rope makes your figure tight. It will strengthen your abdomen, shoulders, legs and arms. This fitness kit comes with 5 types of tension rope.
  • Abdominal Muscle Wheel: These wheels are the key to a perfect abdominal muscle. It will provide a very core role in strengthening the abdominal muscle.
  • Push Ups: It has 2 holdings to provide a neat push up exercise. It not only provides stable support but also protects the wrist and strengthen the chest muscles.
  • Rope Skipping: This fitness also provides rope skipping. It will strengthen the movement of hand and as well as the feat. Skipping a in total body exercise.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has a Built in 500 mAh Li-ion battery it can work for almost 10 hours. It will also take 3 hours to achieve full charge again.

Some DifficultiesXiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set Review

Battery Shortage

The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set has a lack of battery life. Though it has a lot of sensors built-in with a 500 mAh Li-ion battery. It will work for almost 10 hours. Though the battery is neat. It would be just be enough for the day or two. So’ there is the matter of charging for the day.  So, the battery life of the Fitness set is matter of concern for you if you tend to forget about the charging of the device.

Not suitable for all sorts of Exercise

There are so many exercises around the world. Every one of them is linked to some where on the body. It is a very small fitness kit. So, it will obviously not be capable enough for all the exercise. So, the users have to keep this in mind and to check weather every part of the body is taken cared of.


The Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is the future of personal fitness. This training kit will allow its users to have a complete focus on their body without going to the Gym at all. This fitness kit deigned by Xiaomi is most certainly a very useful product all the busy office going people that have problem in making time to take care of their body & move their muscles from their busy schedule. The most significant feature of this device is the Bluetooth connectivity of the device. The sensors inside the parts allow the machine to keep track of our calories from Move it App. You can also compare your exercises with your friends and see that if you are going to the right track or not. So, it can be said without a doubt that the Xiaomi Move It Smart Fitness Set is a must for the household as it has become a part of the new smart home.

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