i10 vs i12 TWS: Which is the Best Airpod Clone? [Flash Sale]

The most awaited i12 TWS is finally here and it’s tine for us to figure out Which is the best Airpod Clone? Cloning the AirPods and bringing them to the market at cheaper rates is a marketing strategy that some companies have been excelling at for a while now. What sets TWS apart from other knockoff competitors is their constant efforts to improve on their clones to have a continuous dominance in the sales of AirPod knockoffs. So today we preset you the ultimate war: i10 vs i12 TWS Wireless Airpod Clones.

Their constant trials have brought out a lot of AirPod knockoffs into the market with the latest two products being the i10 and the i12 TWS. With slight changes in the overall design and other aspects, let’s have a comparison.

i10 vs i12 TWS Airpod Clone War:


The basic design that the AirPods and the TWS knockoffs have been the earbuds inside the charging case. The i10 TWS and the i12 TWS have embraced the same idea. Even though they have the same basic design, it is the i12 that resembles the AirPods more than the i10.

The i10 has the charge indicator for the case on its front, while the i12 completely adapts the AirPod design and has the LED indicators for that in the same position. These tiny changes make the i12 a more dedicated clone of the AirPods. All the other design parameters are kept the same. The water resistance given by both is of the same certification.

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Connectivity and Usage

The i10 gets paired to the phone by keeping the right earbud outside for 10 seconds for the first time. Further pairing happens automatically. The i12 doesn’t specifically need any earphone to be kept out. Once popped out of the case, the earbuds emit a periodic blue LED light while pairing. Once paired, the i12 acts like the AirPods without any further lights.

One problem of the i10 was that the left earbud was rendered useless without its counterpart. The left one had no function on its own. But the i12 takes things differently. Both the earbuds work independently or as a pair, with one being the dominant one when used together. The microphone built into both the earbuds help for smoother functioning in case of the i12.

Image Credits: Youtuber HappyRider Reviews

The touch controls on both the i10 and the i12 are quite similar, but the i12 bags it with an extra innovation present in them. Both provide a smooth touch-based sensor for easy control. The i12 has a feather on its cap with volume controls as well which weren’t included in its predecessors. One more achievement for the i12 is the ability to power off the earbuds by a certain gesture on the earbud. This allows the i12 to be kept powered off without being kept in the charging case.

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Both the i10 and the i12 have the same level of sound quality. A balance of the bass and treble is maintained, while not being able to attain a crystal clear quality offered by the real deal of AirPods. Even then, it does offer a good audio experience.


The i10 offers a decent amount of battery level, but the i12 tops it with around 3.5 to 4 hours of music playback being made available to the user. The charging cases of both have the juice for an additional 4 to 5 charges. Both the i10 and i12 have cases that pack the same amount of extra charges, but the battery life of the earbuds is better for the i12. Moving on to charging, both cases use the lightning charger that charges iPhones.

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Any New Features in i12 TWS Airpod?

  • Enhanced audio quality with slight improvement in bass.
  • Auto Power on & off when opening the charging dock.
  • Both the ear plugs are currently stereo enhanced.
  • The i12 TWS uses Raychem 5.0 chip a touch sensor which is used for improved high-performance


Image Credits: Youtuber HappyRider Reviews

i12 TWS is stunningly the Best Airpods Clone for the price tag!

Both the i10 and the i12 are great knockoffs of the AirPods but considering the price, the i12 TWS wins the competition between the two Airpods Knockoffs. The i12 TWS is available at just $34.67 whereas the price of i10 has been increased to $59.82 due to less stocks. Considering the current best Airpod Clones then the i12 TWS has a strong chance of winning. This scenario combined with the extra features of the i12 ensures that you don’t need to compare any further and can settle on the i12.

i13 TWS Airpods Clone [2019 EDITION]

Offer Price: $21.99 (FLASH SALE)

i12 TWS Airpods 2 Clone

Flash Sale Price: $27.99

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i10 TWS Wireless Airpods

Offer Price: $59.82

Bonus Offer

iXS / i10S TWS Wireless Airpods

Offer Price: $31.06

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