ASUS ProArt PA90 Review | A Mini PC with some of the advanced features

Asus ProArt PA90 is a mini pc which has very powerful hardware and a large number of extensive functions. It can be mostly used by the user who has an interest in creativity like designers, engineers, content writers and so on. This is a device which is very elegant in design, an excellent outlook and also gives a better performance to the user.

ASUS ProArt PA90 ReviewASUS ProArt PA90 Review


This device uses the processor Intel core i9-9900k which is a processor of 9th generation and a very fast medium for doing the particular task more rapidly and comfortably to the user. The user who is involved in playing high-resolution games, this processor can give better performance due to its speed and better function ability. Besides, graphics designer and editor can also use it due to the ultra-speed of the user.

StorageASUS ProArt PA90 Review

A user can use the storage by using one 1TB HDD and also two 512 GB M.2 PCIe SSDs at a time. Even, it also supports 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB space so a user can use it by the instructions given by the user. Besides, due to the large storage, a user can save a lot of amounts of videos, games and other things which are needed by the user. If space becomes too lower, then it makes some difficulties to the user.

Support H.265 decodingASUS ProArt PA90 Review

H.265 is also known as High-efficiency video coding because by using it one can get better video quality and also a file size which is guided by the user. It uses advanced for improving a better correlation between the time delay and algorithms instructed by the user. It makes sure a better quality of coding and also optimizes the file size. Besides, it is possible to optimize the bandwidth because sometimes a may not effort larger space due to some limitations. So by optimizing the bandwidth, a user can do the file in his or her preferences.

Support 4k video display

ASUS Proart PA90 mini pc supports 4k video display which is always wanted by the user. The 4k video display will ensure better video quality and performance to the user. Nowadays most of the videos or even games, whose quality is pretty high standards, can be highly used by the user. So, with relating to this high quality, the device also needs to be standard.

1000Mbps EthernetASUS ProArt PA90 Review

1000 Mbps Ethernet (GbE or 1 GigE) is the various technologies for transmitting Ethernet frames at a rate of a gigabit per second. It is considerably faster. The cables and equipment are standard and have been very common and economical. So, by using the ASUS ProArt mini pc the user can do the task more speedily and also very easy.

Operating systemASUS ProArt PA90 Review

The operating system is a very vital element for a desktop, laptop even for a mini PC. Asus Proart PA90 mini pc supports both the windows and also Linux. It supports Windows 8 and Windows 10. So, a user can change the operating system when he or she thinks it needs to be changed and this feature can bring more opportunities and give flexibilities to the user.

RAM type

Asus ProArt mini pc has the RAM which is double data rate fourth generation Random Access Memory (DDR4 RAM). Its RAM is also synchronous so it is more dynamic and has more advantages. Besides, its bandwidth is very high and its data type is double compares to others. Due to such a faster RAM, a user can do the task in time and also more comfortable.

Bluetooth 4.0

Asus ProArt PA90 mini PC supports Bluetooth 4.0. That means we can easily exchange files through it. Another point is by it we can exchange our files about a long range without affecting the charge of the battery. Besides, as the version of Bluetooth is 4.0 so it’s working system will also be in a faster mode.

2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi of Asus ProArt PA90 is 2.4 GHz by which a user can transmit the information quite faster which gives the user more opportunities to do the task quite comfortably.

Some others function

Asus ProArt PA90 also supports 3D videos and 3D games. 3D videos are one of the most entertaining things at this time. For watching 3D movies we go to the cinema but if we get that opportunity we can watch that kind of videos more frequently. As we are fond of natural things, so in the time when we play games like FIFA, Commando or other high-resolution games if that can be played in 3D that will be more enjoyable.

Power Adapter

By connecting the adapter to the power, a user can easily charge the Asus ProArt PA90 and it can be done very easily and conveniently.


It supports Multi- Languages. So, a user can set up the languages what he or she needs and with the preferences they can change the language settings.

DVD Support

This device also supports DVD, Though DVD is not used extensively by any kind of users, and still, sometimes a user may need to copy files or videos from a DVD. In that time a user can do this without any hustle.

External Subtitle supported

Asus ProArt PA90 also supports external subtitle. Sometimes a user may not catch the audio of a movie or videos even for a song, in that time the user can understand that thing by the subtitles.

HDMI 2.0

It supports HDMI 2.0 by which a user can enjoy high- resolution videos and also do the communication faster because it increases the speed of the Ethernet.


As this is a very advanced device and also mainly done for professional so its price range is pretty higher compares to other devices.  The price of the Asus ProArt PA90 may be out of the hand from the normal customers but it can be a beast for the innovative thinkers.  Besides, a buyer will also get a power adapter, antenna, and a language manual in free of cost in times of buying the product.

What we don’t like

Asus ProArt mini PC has some limitations. Like it supports Wi-Fi range only 2.4 GHz which is not too much fast. Besides, it has no camera support at all. The price is also a major concern, as it is not affordable for every kind of customers.


Asus ProArt PA90 mini PC is a device which provides a better efficiency to the user. It has a lot number of features for which a user can take a lot of usages from it. Besides, its aesthetics is very excellent due to its standard color and wonderful design. Moreover, this is a much upgraded mini PC due to its processor, storage, operating system and so on.


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