Buy The zanmini SW – EA01 Multi-smart Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser For $28.99

Like it is usually said, there is a choir of angels singing, every time we tap this button and red wine pours artistically out the spout – aerated from a freshly opened bottle of wine. When you are starving, dinner finally on the table, lovely aromas wafting under your nose, who has time to wait? And truly, all you want is a sip of wine – a good one. zanmini is right here with the zanmini SW – EA01 Multi-smart Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser to prepare all you expected.

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The zanmini  Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser is a wine aerating tool that actually works. No matter your experience with wine, you’ll notice the difference between a glass aerated with zanmini and the same wine, unaerated. Having a tasting party? Your friends will get all the fun of seeing your wine bottle transformed into a personal tap for perfectly aerated wine. The device is perfect for parties and celebration. Your turn to have Wine Wednesday? Off to the neighborhood card game? Hosting dinner for the in-laws? Whatever the event – whether you’re out to impress your guests or pick out the perfect host gift – zanmini is your secret weapon. Plus, the stylish design means zanmini will look great on the table.

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The zanmini  Electric Wine Aerator and Dispenser is of a portable size and no-mess design make it perfect to take on the road. Wine picnic at the beach? Sign me up. Your next camping trip? this Aerator can go there, too. Wherever you go, perfectly aerated wine can now go, too. Cleaning your device is easy. Simply fill an empty wine bottle with water and dispense the water through your Aerator exactly as you would with wine. After that, you can take a damp washcloth and wipe down the tube, zanmini body, and spout, if necessary. Lastly, the Aerator is charged by USB, and comes with a built-in Li-ion battery.

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