Cheerlux CL760 LCD Projector with 3000 Lumens down to $145.99 with coupon

Without a doubt, LCD projectors are still the favourite types of projectors for use in casual situations and fairly professional environments. They are not too expensive, and they project clear pictures and videos at different resolutions. Cheerlux, one of the notable companies amongst the numerous producing projectors in China, has a lineup of affordable projectors with quality performance, of whom the Cheerlux CL760 is one of the cheapest.

Cheerlux CL760 Projector

The Cheerlux CL760 is an LCD Projector with a brightness level of 320 ANSI, and a light intensity of 3000 lumens. It also comes with a useful array of ports that you’ll be hard-pressed to find all in one place in other projectors, and its lamp lasts so long you’d probably not exhaust it before upgrading naturally to another projector. The Cheerlux CL760 has a regular price of $177.71, but you can get it for just $145.99 on Gearbest from now till the 25th of January, by applying the coupon code GBCL129 during checkout.

Display & Design

Looks don’t determine how good a projector performs, but that doesn’t mean it should be ugly-looking, and the Cheerlux CL760 definitely isn’t. It has a rectangular form factor at the front, which blends into an oval shape towards the rear. This gives an overall semi-circle shape, which is quite different from what we’re used to seeing in projectors. The navigation keys and control buttons are located on the top, adjacent to the focus slider and keystone correction knob.

Cheerlux CL760 Design

The Cheerlux projector comes with ventilation outlets on almost all sides, which is great since a projector has the tendency to get very hot when in use. In terms of display, there’s a 3000 lumens LED which beams powerful rays of light and projects images for a distance of up to 5.2 meters; it can project for a longer distance, but you’ll get a slight reduction in image quality. Images projected from the Cheerlux CL760 are vibrant, thanks to its 320 ANSI brightness level.

Short lamp life has always been the bane of lens as powerful as this, but the one in the Cheerlux CL760 will last through five hours of usage daily for up to 6 years before bowing out.

Projection Quality

Cheerlux CL760 Projection Quality

The Cheerlux CL760 projects images and videos in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios and at a resolution of 800 * 1,280 pixels. It has a maximum image size of 120 inches, with its minimum at 50 inches.

Ports & Connectivity

Cheerlux CL760 Connectivity

In addition to the power port at the rear, the Cheerlux CL760 comes with two USB ports, a 3.5mm audio jack for streaming audio to a speaker or headphones, an AV-in port, a VGA port, an infrared blaster and two HDMI ports.

Cheerlux CL760 LCD Projector Price

The Cheerlux CL760 is currently available on Gearbest on flash sale. Find below the price details of the projector.

Original Price: $177.71
Flash Sale: $149.99 (16% Discount)
Coupon: $145.99 (GBCL129)
Coupon Validity: January 15 – January 25
Coupon Units: 30

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