ROG Mothership GZ700 Laptop Review| A laptop with high gaming performance

Gaming Laptops are highly used and very popular nowadays as computer games are played by both the teenagers and also by the adults. ROG Mothership is a brand which comprehensively produces high-performance gaming laptops. One of its product G703 models is a very popular and huge selling product due to its extensive features, a variety of functions and easy to use. Now, it’s another model ROG Mothership GZ700 which comes with more features even compares to the very advanced and popular ROG Mothership G703. A very high-resolution video is well supported and it has 4 speakers which ensure a very nice sound system. And its monitor size is also quite larger which ensures more comfort for the user. Besides, it is very elegant in design and its aesthetics looks very standard and gorgeous. It is not a portable device but its keyboard is removable for which it is very easy to carry and maintain. Even it has back support so that the user does not need another thing to support the monitor. Some advanced features like Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, WIFI 6.0 and many are available for which every user may like this.

ROG Mothership GZ700 Review


By just first look or by outlook a customer may be astonished to see the ROG Mothership GZ700 model laptop. Its aesthetics are very elegant compares to every other brand’s product. It is made of computerized numerically controlled Aluminum by which it glazes more and looks very gorgeous due to this. Besides, it is very flexible to use. As the keyboard is detachable from the monitor, so the user can use the laptop from the comfortable position and place. Even it has an option to use the keyboard wirelessly. Its screen is a giant size screen so a user can enjoy the videos or games more interestingly and more comfortably. Its CPU, Sound system all are very standard equipment’s by which a user can grow interested in this particular brand. The battery of this product is very high for which a user can use it for a long time.


Display of a laptop is very important as it is very difficult and boring to work with a laptop which display is pretty small. In that view, all customers may happy to know that th

is ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop’s display is 17.3 inch which is quite large and very standard in size. With this size, a user can work with it more delicately. As this is a gaming laptop so its users can be both teenagers and also the adults as nowadays every people have a fascination with video games. So, in times of playing games if the display does not support the games completely, then it really it may be disgust for the user. From that perspective, I believe ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop can satisfy every customer completely and they will inspire their family members and friends to buy this extraordinary laptop.

High Resolution

Nowadays most of the video games are very high resolution and every computer has not the capability of playing those kinds of games. But, this laptop can support this kind of games so the user can easily enjoy and play this high-resolution game very easily. Even, some devices are like that in their feature it is said that it can support even 4k videos but actually after sometimes it buffers which may hamper the user to fully concentrate on the games. On the contrary, this computer does not have those problems, rather a user can access with more comfortably.


A processor is a vital requirement for a laptop. In low processor laptop like which has a processor such as Core i3, Core i5 and in this kind of laptops a user never enjoy a high-resolution game even they may not access the strong games in their device. But ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop has a very high process which is core i9 and 8th generation so a user can access every kind of highly developed games and can also enjoy this kind of games without any disturbances which may satisfy the user fully.


Graphics are another issue which is very much needed for accessing anything to a computer, laptop even for mobile phone also. It is always necessary to buy a device which has a more advanced graphics card. ROG Mothership has a graphics card which is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 that is very fast and must give a better performance than any other graphics card. The user who wants to play high-resolution games for those this graphics card is always needed. Besides, it gives the user a realistic view which is always interesting for the user. Moreover, it gives high efficiency and can maintain the actual speed of the certain game.


RAM is always a major fact for a device. Without a high RAM, it is always impossible to play a high-resolution game. The RAM of ROG Mothership Laptop is 64 GB which is enough for every kind of games to access. So, a user may play the desired games which they want to.


For enjoying a game more nicely and interestingly excellent sound system is always needed. This device has 4-watt speakers which ensure a nice sound system so that the user listen the sound of the games comfortably. Besides, it is not needed to set up extra speakers with the laptop so this saves extra device and also time.


A webcam is another major concern for a laptop. A user may need it in any time and if the resolution of the camera is not high enough then it will be difficult for the user to communicate. In times of gaming, a user may need to communicate with others so in that time a user can easily do that by using the high powerful webcam.


The use of the keyboard of this laptop is very flexible. Even a user can use it in wireless mode or can attach with the laptop itself. The button of the keyboard is very soft so a user can press it more comfortably. By activating wireless mode a user can access with the laptop from different place and position which the user likes. Moreover, its keys commands are also very easier so a does not need to pay so much attention to the keyboard.


The dimension of the device makes it more standard and gorgeous. Its width, height, and depth are done very accurately for which its size looks nice.

Bluetooth 5.0

ROG Mothership GZ700 Laptop supports Bluetooth. That means we can easily exchange files through it. Another point is by it we can exchange our files about a long range without affecting the charge of the battery. Besides, as the version of this Bluetooth is 5.0 so by this the corresponding task can be done more rapidly and easily.


ROG Mothership GZ700 Laptop uses 11 ac (2*2) gigabit Wi-Fi, which is usually faster. Without the connection with Wi-Fi, it is not possible to play online games frequently and comfortably. This device can connect with the Wi-Fi too fast so a user can get comfortable to work with it.

EthernetROG Mothership GZ700 Laptop Review

An Ethernet port (aka jack or socket) is an opening on computer network equipment that Ethernet cables plug into. Their purpose is to connect wired network hardware in an Ethernet LAN, metropolitan area network (MAN), or wide area network (WAN). This port can be used to connect your computer to another computer, a local network, or an external DSL or cable modem. So, in times of playing games with friends or another person that means play a game within a group, Ethernet is needed. And as this option is available on this laptop, so a user can easily do the task.

HDMI 2.0

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is always needed for better performance. ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop has an HDMI2.0 which is a very updated version.  So, a user can use it for the definite task.


The weight of a product is always necessary. As this product is a laptop, so it is a vital point as sometimes the user may need to carry the laptop from one place to another. If a product is too heavy, then it will be difficult for the user to maintain it. The weight of this laptop is 4.7 kg which can be easily carried by the user.


The price is always a concern for any kind of customers. As everyone has a particular budget, so they always want to get their choice able in a reasonable range. The price of ROG Mothership GZ700 is pretty higher compares to other brands laptops so this is not affordable for every kind of customers.

What we don’t like

The main problem of this product is as its GPU and CPU are highly used so most buyers may not satisfy with the cooling system of the laptop. Sometimes the laptop becomes pretty hot so it may be a concern for the buyer. Besides, its price which is very high can be a concern for a user as the actual price does not look like affordable for a simple customer.



The display of ROG GZ700 laptop is about 17.3 inch whereas ROG G703 which is another model has a display of 17 inches and Zephyrus laptop also has a display of 17 inches.


The RAM of ROG Mothership GZ700 is 64 GB which is pretty higher than any other laptops. ROG G703 has a RAM which is only 32 GB.


The weight of this device is 4.7 kg which is pretty alike almost every model of ROG Mothership.

Bluetooth 5.0

ROG GZ700 laptop has an option which is Bluetooth 5.0 whereas it is absent in the other model of ROG series.

4 Watt Speakers

4-watt speakers are one of its amazing features for which a user can get better sound quality which improves the performance of the laptop. But this extraordinary option cannot get in other devices.


The keyboard of ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop can be extensively used. It can be used as wireless as also connects to the laptop. But this type of keyboard is not available with other laptops.


Wi-Fi is a major concern for a gaming laptop as Wi-Fi is needed to play online games frequently.  ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop has also this feature.


ROG Mothership GZ700 has a graphics which is very high that ensures a better gaming performance; realistic view and a user can work with it more rapidly. This type of graphics is not present in the other devices.


Finally, the cost of every gaming laptop is pretty higher than normal laptops. ROG GZ700 model laptop’s price is higher but it is not too much higher than another model from ROG Series or Zephyrus laptop.


ROG Mothership GZ700 laptop is a very advanced, fast and a wonderful laptop for having a better gaming performance. A very high-resolution video is well supported and it has 4 speakers which ensure a very nice sound system. And its monitor size is also quite larger which ensures more comfort for the user. Besides, it is very elegant in design and its aesthetics looks very standard and gorgeous. It is not a portable device but its keyboard is removable for which it is very easy to carry and maintain. Moreover, its graphics which ensures a realistic view, fast, efficient and better gaming performance. Though its price is pretty higher interested buyers who are keen on playing their choice able games more comfortably and more interestingly will always interested in these types of product. Furthermore, this device is also advanced and has more features compares to other devices which make it one of the best gaming laptops.

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