ALBOHES Z5 Review: Overview of the robot for washing windows

Robots are going to change the world, some of them are needed, and some are essential. We have already seen robots as a vacuum cleaner, which has already proved there worth in every household. Due to the apparent benefits we get from them, they already made a special place for themselves. This review is also for a different kind of robot, the Albohes Z5, which can clean and wash windows if you are living in a high-rise building.


Integrated smart window cleaning – AI technology for determining window frames and obstructions.
Two wheels that can move freely along the window surface or the wall surface. The Albohes Z5 window cleaner can wipe clean windows and walls without any scratches.

It comes with built-in UPS (uninterruptible power system), that ensures the device operates for 20-25 minutes even when the AC is turned off, preventing the robot from falling out of the window.
It features German vacuum engine technology, which helps the robot to draw in air and hold on the glass surface.

The device can also be controlled manually for cleaning in three modes from the remote control – auto up, then down, auto left, then down, and auto right, then down.

Specifications of the Albohes Z5

Input voltage: AC110 – 240. In
Built-in battery: 600 mAh 14.8 V
Remote control: powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included)
Charging time: 1 hour
Product weight:  0.9300 kg
Package weight:  2.0400 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 29.00 x 14.00 x 11.50 cm
Package size (L x W x H): 29.50 x 23.00 x 13.50 cm

Equipments: 1 window cleaner, 1 spray bottle, 12 cleaning wipes, 1 remote control, 1 power adapter, 1 AC power cord, 1 DC extension cable, 1 4 m safety rope, 2 x Cleaning ring, 1 x English User’s manual


The Albohes Z5 arrives in a nice package, even though there was many sales and “black” Fridays, the courier brought the parcel rather quickly, two weeks after the order.


We can always trust on gearbest delivery, as the main cardboard packaging during transportation did not suffer any damage. At the top, you can see two QR codes which proudly flaunt to install the GlassBot application for Android and iOs.
ALBOHES Z5On the sides, you can see the main features and main characteristics of the cleaning robot. For cleaning one square meter, the robot spends around 2.5 minutes.

ALBOHES Z5There is no free space in the box, apparently, the packers were fans of the game “Tetris”.
ALBOHES Z5General equipment. ALBOHES Z5The Albohes Z5 also comes with a small plastic bottle for storing and spraying window cleaner.
ALBOHES Z5The device also comes with spare plastic rings, which are really convenient when you need to replace dirty clothes and continue to work quickly. It makes work faster as you need just to snap the ring with a rag than to change it. Moreover, this also makes it possible to replace and prepare new ones at the moment of the operation of the robot.
ALBOHES Z5There are six microfiber rags included in the box. They are enough for a long time od use, and if you want to buy more- they are on sale.
ALBOHES Z5The included clothes are very nice and soft and do not causes any scratch to mirror surface.
ALBOHES Z5On the rim passes gum “closed” overlock.
ALBOHES Z5The user manual is in English, and except primary functions, there is no particularly useful information.
ALBOHES Z5You can easily control the Albohes Z5 using a remote control. The cleaning options start with, got up and went right or left. When the device begins cleaning, you can move it to the edge of the window by using the direction buttons. The operation is pretty simple, click the start button for starting cleaning and press the stop button to make it stop. Basic, as for us, the buttons are cleaning left/right and go up to the very top and start cleaning.
ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5Two AAA batteries (mini-toggle ones) provide power to the remote controller.
ALBOHES Z5The Albohes Z5 also comes with a built-in battery, but it is not meant for cleaning, but for emergency work of the motors, which will not allow the robot to fall from a height of about 30 minutes. The batteries do not require to charge-up separately, as they get charged while working only. The cable length you get with the device is 6.5 meters. The power supply unit is brought closer to the plug, so as not to create an extra weight for the “high-altitude” robot.
ALBOHES Z5The plug with the device is a standard one, and if you are in Europe, you will need an adapter.
ALBOHES Z5The power supply generates 24 Volts and 3.75 Amps.
ALBOHES Z5A big plus of this robot in front of similar models is that the cable alone will not be able to disconnect if you did everything according to the instructions. I didn’t recommend reading it a couple of minutes ago.ALBOHES Z5You can connect the different parts of the cable and just twist the “nut” on the plug to combine both the wires. This feature makes the breaking of cable rather simple than jumping it out of the connector.


Most of the window cleaning robots look practically the same, and the Albohes Z5 brings a fresh air of change with its excellent looks. It comes with rounded edges, and this not only slightly changed the appearance, on a more stylish, but also got it’s “plus’ in terms of cleaning.
ALBOHES Z5There’s a hole for fastening a 6-meter safety nylon cord in the lower part of the case.
ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5On the bottom of the Albohes Z5, you can find the on/off button. The middle part also comes with a peculiar mushroom for easy carrying and fastening the robot. On the sides, from the mushroom structure, there are holes which blow the air out.
ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5On the top of the device, you can find a LED panel indicator which displays the operation modes and the speaker holes. The speakers are really great and loudly announces all “encounters” of the device.
ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5The main working surfaces of our robot, which, rotating in the right direction, provide both cleaning and moving the robot on the surface. ALBOHES Z5

For cleaning or changing the microfiber cloth, you just need to click on our plastic rings and take it off. Both the “foot” comes with its own little motor and second motor hidden inside the case. The second motor creates a stream of air, which makes the vacuum cleaner stick to the surface of the window.ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5On the right side of Albohes Z5, you can find a height sensor, and it controls whether the robot is “stuck” to the glass or not. During working if suddenly, anyhow the robot is detached from the surface, the speaker will make a sound, and the robot will stop its work.
ALBOHES Z5DC24V, 3.3A and as much as 80 watts of power.
ALBOHES Z5The diameter of the cleaning surface is around 15 centimeters.
ALBOHES Z5The width of the robot is 14 centimeters, the length is 29 centimeters, and the height is 12. ALBOHES Z5

Testing Albohes Z5

The window over the summer got a little dirty and dusty. ALBOHES Z5Before starting the Albohes Z5 for cleaning, first, you need to apply some detergent for windows and on the working surfaces of the robot.
ALBOHES Z5We turn on the Albohes Z5 and attach it to the top of the window.
ALBOHES Z5The window is clean after a couple of minutes. However, near the very edges of the window, the robot is constructively lacking. The robot only cleans the surface once and did not turn around.
ALBOHES Z5The window can be easily clean with hands, but why, if the robot does it himself, while you are doing another job or have some rest.
ALBOHES Z5The cleaning fabric captures the bulk of the sand and dust from the outside of the work surface.
ALBOHES Z5Next, we tested the Albohes Z5 on six square meters of tile- we start the robot to wipe it.
ALBOHES Z5The robots start from the center, crawls to the top, rests on the curb and begins its movement in the side and the bottom.ALBOHES Z5Important: If there is an obstacle on the path of the Albohes Z5 window cleaner, in our case there is a towel drying, it is necessary to make sure that it does not get tangled up with wire and knocks down.

ALBOHES Z5It takes around 28 minutes to clean the whole tiles(4,666 square meters per minute). The tiles were very clean at the end.
ALBOHES Z5Trial on a different window, which often gets “dirty” with dirty hands.
ALBOHES Z5A couple of minutes, and it glitters. ALBOHES Z5Here the licked edges of the robot came in handy, thanks to them Albohes Z5 was able to crawl a little under the handle and remove it near and under it. Other robots did not succeed. ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5 ALBOHES Z5After cleaning the first set of windows and tiles, it is not necessary to clean or wash the cleaning fabric. However, we recommend it to clean after 2-3-4 windows, so there were no dirty stains.


You can quickly scan the QR code on the box or in GooglePlay and find and download the GlassBoot application.

ALBOHES Z5The application provides the same functions as the remote controller, and we don’t see much need for this application. You can use it just in case if you lose the main remote control.



The Albohes Z5 comes with many differences from similar window cleaning robots available in the market. Main differences include a more rounded design and its usability in different kind of surfaces including windows, mirrors, tiles and other flat surfaces. The window cleaning robot is excellent for house/apartment which has more than three windows or an apartment higher than on the 3-4 floor. We totally recommend buying this device without any hesitation.

Where Can I buy the ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner?

The ALBOHES Z5 Robotic Window Cleaner is currently on sale at Gearbest for $125.99 . Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE. Click the link below to get this extraordinary product at the slashed price

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