Somic G936N Gaming Headset: Is it Worth Buying? [Coupon Included]

Audio products used to be focused on delivering a good experience for listening to music. Till a certain point, such music and audio enthusiasts were the most extensive users of headphones and earphones. Earphones used to have a wider consumer base due to general people turning to it for a hands-free calling experience. Finally now, the times have changed drastically and the Somic G936N Gaming Headset has been one of those reasons!


Gaming is a part of the entertainment which has given rise to many products across the technological market. While creating the software for games and consoles dedicated for gaming like the PlayStation and the Xbox are in the hands of game developers, everything else is handled by tech companies who try to tap into such a large consumer base.

There are many devices made by tech companies to earn the loyalty of the gaming community. Some of them include laptops, keyboards, mouses, headphones and much more made with the gaming fraternity in mind. One company that has a pretty good prowess in the realm of gaming headphones: Somic G936N Gaming Headset is a lovely gaming headphone produced by them. [Coupon Included at the End]


Being one of the high-end products made by Somic, the Somic G936N Gaming Headset comes in a lovely packaged box. The box contains a detailed manual of the different modes and the various commands that can be done using the buttons on the wire of the headphone. The G936N also comes with a zipped box to carry the headphone wherever you go. The box has a separate compartment for the microphone to avoid damages. An extra cotton pad, which is kept on the microphone also comes with the product.

The G936N takes a step back and brings out a little unconventional design not thought of in headphones. The diaphragm of the ear-cups is larger and kept a little away than usually seen in headphones. This was done in an attempt to easily simulate a large sound field and gift users with an enriching experience. The distance of the diaphragm from the ear eliminates the need for thick padding. Since a basic comfortable one is used, it also decreases the weight of the headphone. The reduced weight also helps to deviate the pressure usually felt on the ears and crown.

The accentuated yellow logo on the sides of both ears transforms the simple design to something classy. The microphone is on the left and it is a dual microphone, one of which is intended to cancel external noise while speaking. The wire contains the controls of the headphone which toggle different modes, change the volume and to switch the microphone on/off. One sad thing about the G936N is the USB connector on the headphone which enables it to be used only on PC games.

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Mainly meant for gaming, the Somic G936N Gaming Headset delivers really well. The emulated sound experience helps to have an immersive experience. The accurate sound delivery helps to pinpoint the direction of sounds coming which actually makes the gameplay even enjoyable. The PUBG mode is an experience meant for FPS games. It avoids confusion between players by isolating the sound to the prefixed areas without any leakage. The dual microphone lives up to its name. People on the other end hear minimal background noise due to noise cancellation microphone which is an addition in the G936N.

Even though the G936N is a gaming headset, it has given focus on watching movies as well. This is also a good experience. But when it comes to music, the G36N can’t be relied upon, as is expected from a gaming headphone. With a lightweight dazzling design, the Somic G936N Gaming Headset is a good choice for gamers who want to have a top-notch product on their hands.

USB 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Effects, Amazing Noise Reduction, Super cool 3 Game Modes! What more can you ask for?


  • USB 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Effects
  • Comfortable design that is lightweight
  • Good quality microphone
  • Wonderful gaming accuracy


  • Only usable on PC
  • Music quality is diluted

Coupon Available for Somic G936N Gaming Headset:


After Coupon Offer: $48.99

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