Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker Review

A Smart speaker Acting as an AI assistant

Smart Speakers have now become the new trend for the modern generations. In this regard Honor has launched its first smart speaker. Honor is the sub brand of Huawei. It has a lovely design and it is also very compact in size. It has a much concise design that is shaped more of a round egg. It comes with some amazing features that has certainly put on competition among other brands that are already in the smart speaker market. With its minimalistic design and wide range of features it has certainly attracted the attention of the consumers toward it. It is perfect for other smart devices to be linked up with. It is the perfect assistant for as a specially designed speaker.

 Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker Review

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has come with a lot of features that are bound to make you look at the device more closely. So, without further delay let us get to know the Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker and its amazing features.

UnboxingHonor YOYO AI Smart Speaker

After purchasing the Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker from the shop or ordering from online you will find the speaker well-protected in side the box. After unboxing the device, you will find the main smart speaker, an adapter and a Chinese manual.


The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a very lovely design. It is minimalistic in size and is shaped like a round egg.  It has a flat bottom with a circular shape. The diameter of the device is 10 centimeters and the height of the device is almost 4.5 centimeters.

Light weight

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a very light weight with only weighing 165 grams. It so compact in size that it can easily be carried in a rather large size pocket or purse. For the lightweight it is very much portable for travels and outdoor camping or small parties.

Attracting Lights

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speakers has a very attracting design that comes with a circular shaped light that glows when the speaker is in use. This device a treat the eyes as well as the eyes. After turning the lights of the lights would look splendid. It will give a very aesthetic look to you room.

360 Degree Sound Diffusion

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a 360-degree sound diffusion feature. It has 6 symmetrically designed radio microphones above it. It comes with a built in 2-inch 3W full-range speaker that has a 360-degree reflective cone design. It is equipped with Huawei’s Histen algorithm to provide its users with an outstanding sound quality experience. This speaker is most certainly enough to put up a stand out sound performance. This device alone can jazz up any small party.

High Connectivity

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a very high connectivity feature. It can be connected through both Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. The device supports dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz networks). It can be easily connected through the phone and play anything you want. It is very simple to connect the Honor YOYO with your smartphone. Even an amateur can use the device very easily.


The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker can be used as a speakerphone if connected to a smartphone via the Wi-Fi. You can make it dial calls and also receive call from it. It can also be used as a child’s smartphone. It can act as a fully functional cell phone if connected to the wireless system of the smartphone. This will help in group meetings & group calls of friends.

Child Friendly Device

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker is a very child friendly device. It can tell stories & audio books to the children if it is functioned that way. Even it can sing lullabies to a going to sleep kid with outstanding sound quality.  The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker can easily be playing the role of a teacher to the children. Children can improve on their listening quality a lot better through this device. The ability will come in very handy when you child starts to go to school where the teacher’s words have to listened carefully by students.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has the full capability of an AI assistant. With the level of technology & experience in AI of this device, it can easily be the link to all the other devices in the house around us and build a smart home eco-system. It can listen, speak & act according to its orders given. It supports third party cooperation, so it can easily unite all the other devices.

Drone Controlling

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker is said to have the capability to control a drone. The CEO of Honor has said that the YOYO will even be able to control DJI drones for operations like taking off or landing and take photos of different areas of operation. A live demonstration of the act was performed by the Honor CEO by flying a drone using only voice commands.

Solution to Home Speaker

An average size home can easily be covered through the Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker. Is powerful enough to deliver a very solid performance to your daily personal needs & as well as it can cover a small party very easily.

Charging Through Power Bank

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a micro USB port on the side. It can be easily charged trough the power bank. So, going outdoors with it will not be a problem for the users as charging through the power bank will solve the issue of insufficient charge.

Other Functions

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker is able to perform a lot of other functions such as reading from an audiobook, telling the weather, reading the news to you & so much more. It can also translate texts according to your needs. It can do nothing less than all the smart speakers around the market available right now.

Some Difficulties

AI Limitations

AI is comparatively new to the modern technology. But has already marked its existence among us. The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker is an AI assistant. But it can not perform every task the user wants. It has its limitation. At first users see that they are able to follow any task given by them, but they tend to forget that it also has its limitations of working.

Visual Limits of the Speaker

The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker has a visual limitation. It can not perform complex, multistep tasks. Shopping can be as example of it. When users are shopping, they want to be able to browse among different choices of quality & according to their price range and weigh different options against each other. But that is hard to do when you don’t have a display or screen. So, in the case of shopping, a smart speaker or a AI voice assistant might be suitable for buying the usual normal household items such as detergent, grocery and toilet papers, but not clothes or electronic devices, where there is a lot of variety in choice and quality of the products.


The Honor YOYO AI Smart Speaker is with out a doubt a fine choice of smart speaker for your home. It is an AI assistant for you. It is such a compact device that comes with so much functions. It can easily become a substitute for your home sound system because of its professional grade sound quality experience. It is a very handy device for your day to day life. It has a very good connectivity system that is capable of easily connection to smart devices. It is very much portable for its small size and it can also be powered by a power bank. Thought it has some cons as it has no display, but what more could you expect from such a small device that is offering you so much more in return. So, this is without a doubt an outstanding device which can easily act as you AI assistant in your day to day lives.

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