Xiaomi MI AC2100 WiFi Router now available for $53.99 only

Xiaomi has been putting efforts in providing every electronic device to its customer. Now Xioami has launched Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router with dual-frequency 2033Mbps and allows fluent internet surfing. It delivers full Gigabit speed which inputs to router unlike other routers in the market. It is also equipped with Dual-Core CPU for quick network access. The router has IPV6 support. Moreover, AC2100 Mi WiFi Router model is for Smart Home System.

Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router Dual Frequency

The Xiaomi AC2100 Mi WiFi Router has dual-frequency concurrent wireless connection rate up to 2033Mbps. It helps in secure Internet surfing and enables you to watch HD video. It also helps in the fluent playing of massive online games.

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Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router Full Gigabit Transmission

The Xiaomi AC2100 Mi WiFi Router provides a gigabit WAN port and 3 gigabit LAN ports which can quickly meet the 100 and above fiber broadband access needs. Compared to other 100M routers, Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router makes full use of each Megabyte bandwidth of the operator.

Xiaomi AC2100 Mi Router Dual-Core CPU

For quick network access, the Xiaomi MI Router comes with the dual-core four-thread processor. Also, Its single-core central frequency is up to 880MHZ, which supports gigabit network port and gigabit dual-frequency WiFi data forwarding. With Mi Router the internet experience is smooth.

Integrated Signal Amplifier

The 2,4Ghz and 5GHz wireless chips are integrated with 2CH and 4Ch IPA + iLNA respectively. The iPA effectively enhances the signal transmitting power, whereas iLNA improves the signal reception sensitivity. Longer, the signal transmission distance has stronger wall penetration and broader coverage.

xiaomi ac2100 Mi router

128 Mb Large Memory

In the era of wireless connectivity, the more devices now connect with the WiFi router. So, there is a need for internet stability. Mi Router uses a significant memory of 128MB to guarantee the security of data transmission and escort the stable connection of each access device.

Xiaomi Mi AC2100 Support IPv6

Ipv6 has a larger address space, making the internet of things possible.  AC2100 Mi Router supports IPv6 for easy access to reputable university education network resources.

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Coupon Code:- GBXMAC2100

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