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alfawise S60 pro vacuum window cleaner

Alfawise has its expertise in providing household solutions. This time the hot pick is it’s Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window cleaner Robot. If you get fed up with the old methods of cleaning windows then you must buy it. This vacuum Window cleaner Robot will solve the problem of cleaning windows from outside which is almost impossible in most buildings or flats. Its smart window cleaning system and powerful suction system provides you the best cleaning that you want.

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alfawise best window vacuum cleaner


Alfawise S60 Pro Vacuum Window cleaner has built-in AI technology will identify window frames and obstacles. Then  Calculation and programming are performed of the optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency. Now there is no need to take a risk to climb dangerous ladders to clean outside windows, Tall or hard to reach high building windows.


Robot windows work with wire. In case of power failure or power supply, its intelligent algorithm avoids the risk of falling, it will stay on the glass for 30 minutes. Professional climbing safety rope with 150kg provides the third safety guarantee.


Three routes to select from Automatic from top to bottom, automatic from left to bottom, automatic from right to the bottom for its 3min / sqm ultra-fast cleaning speed. When Alfa wise S60 Dishwasher Robot has finished the job, it will stay at the bottom of the window and it will ring.

alfawise S60 pro


It is loaded with the powerful suction of the motor allows the glass cleaner to be firmly held on the vertical glass surfaces (so the working sound is a little bit, but it works well to clean the windows). And the robot won’t climb the window frame and the max gap between two glasses is 3mm for the robot crossing over. Our robot glasswasher performs the same function as a niter steam cleaner, and it has reduced your time and energy.

Coupon Code:- ALS60PROCP


Alfawise S60 Robot Glass simply exchange the cleaning circuits with the remote control and robot can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android compatible)

Main Features:

-Smart ARM chip and SLAM algorithm, AI route planning, s-shaped clean without omission.2 rotated cleaning pads simulate the process of manual window cleaning.
-3 minutes per square meter of fast cleaning speed.
-8.2cm ultra-thin which can be used on window glass with metal security windows.
-Japanese imported brushless motor, providing 40 kg/cm powerful cleaning torque, suck and wipe away all dust and dirt without leaving traces.
– Built-in frame and anti-fall sensor, prevent falling from windows or tables.
 -Ultra-long safety rope with up to 142kg bearing capacity.
 -Built-in 650mAh lithium-ion battery, can suck on the glass for 20 minutes after the power is off.
 -Comes with 12 high-density fiber cloth, clean the glass without scratches.
 -You can use it on  rough glass, tile wall, marble floor, glass tea table, and other smooth surfaces
 -65dB quiet operation.


Where to buy?

If you want to buy this robot to keep your house and windows clean and clear. Then you can buy it on an offer price of $145.99 only. Click on the link below

Coupon Code :- ALS60PROCP

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