Alfawise X5 Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner with washing function

With the year coming to an end, we bring you one of the latest Robot Vacuum Cleaner that has just unveiled in the market. The Alfawise X5 is the latest iteration to the Alfawise Robot Vacuum Cleaner series. The robot vacuum cleaner arrives under the trademark Alfawise (along with zanflare, zanstyle, zanmax, go, comma, Cozzine is the own brand of the online store GearBest).

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with all the functions you can expect from a latest device. The Alfawise X5 features a washing function, ability to control it from a smartphone through the application, and also you can connect it to Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home systems.

Moreover, now its time to see if the device is a toy for a day or two, or is it really a smart home assistant?


The Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner arrives in a nice cardboard box, the packaging of the device is really excellent. The outer cover is a cardboard box, but from the inside, it comes with foam protection and carrying handle.

Alfawise X5

Inside the box you will get the following accessories:
• Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with dry garbage container already in place.
• Charging dock and charger.
• Wet cleaning container.
• Magnetic tape – movement limiter.
• Remote control.
• Two additional side brushes.
• Spare filter.
• Spare microfiber fabric.
• Vacuum cleaner brush.
• Instruction manual.
Alfawise X5

The instruction manual of the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes written in four languages namely English, Spanish, French, and German. This clearly shows the vacuum cleaner is available for sale in the global market and even if the user is not so technically advance they can take help from the manual.
Alfawise X5

Alfawise X5 Specification


Alfawise X5 Specification
Water tank capacity: 300 ml
Dust container capacity: 600 ml
Charger type: dock for charging, or direct charging charger
Battery type: Lithium Ion, 2600 mAh capacity
Charging time: 3 hours
Operating time from a full charge: 100-120 minutes
Suction discharge: 1,000 Pa suction, enough for bare floors and low pile carpets
Vacuuming: yes
Wet cleaning: yes
Three cleaning modes: zigzag, perimeter and spot cleaning mode
Corner cleaning: two side brushes
Multiroom: yes
Docking by dock: yes
Remote control: yes
HEPA filtering: no
Noise level: 60 dB
Compatible with: Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Wi-Fi connectivity: with the app on your smartphone

Appearance and arrangement of controls and structural parts

The Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes in a shiny, glossy black panel on top (of course it collects prints).

On the top panel, you can see a charging indicator and WiFi indicator. There is also a four-character LED indicator on top. It displays the various modes of working, setting the clock, error codes, and the delay in cleaning time.

It also comes with three touch button on top for different modes of operations. The first button is for cleaning the spots. The second one is for standard cleaning mode and lastly the third one for returning to the docking station for charging.

Alfawise X5

In the below picture, you can see the bottom cover with:
• Two pins for charging from the dock
• One steering and two leading wheels.
•The navigation system with three optical sensors.
• One main garbage collection brushes and two side brush.
•The microfiber cloth with a container for wet cleaning.
Alfawise X5

There are a switch and a connector for direct connection of the power supply on the side (without using a docking station).

Remote control

The Alfawise X5 also comes with a remote controller, that provides access to all the features of the robot vacuum cleaner. It comes with three separate buttons for different modes of cleaning perimeter, zigzag (auto) and spot cleaning mode.

You can also use the CLOCK button on remote for setting the timer for cleaning (although the clock is set automatically after connecting to WiFi). Moreover, you can also create a schedule for daily cleaning time making Alfawise X5 fully automatic.

The remote controller also provides four directional buttons, allowing you to control the movement of Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner manually. The HOME button on remote gives a command to the Robot Vacuum Cleaner for returning to the charging dock.

Alfawise X5

Smartphone application

The Alfawise X5 comes with an Android App from the Tuya smart(You can check it on google playstore). The Application is pretty straightforward in terms of functionality. App functions are similar to the remote controller and mostly its just duplicate of the remote controller.

The Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a smart device, you can connect it your WiFi at home and you can access the vacuum cleaner even if you are not at home. We would have loved it if there was some kind of camera placed on the robot for controlling it virtually. However Alfawise X5 is an inexpensive model, and you will not get any camera with the device.
The connection process between the vacuum cleaner and the App is rather simple, but you must have a router.
A direct connection between the “Alfawise X5-smartphone” is not possible.

The Alfawise declares the ability to connect it with Amazon Alexa and Google Home smart home systems. However, honestly, we didn’t test these features, because they didn’t seem to be quite a necessity.

Alfawise X5

Experience of use

We tested the possibilities of using the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner in different areas of the apartment – the living room, bedroom, hall, kitchen. The vacuum cleaner was not so much useful in the area where there was a large number of furniture(chairs, tables, bed, sofa, bedside tables). It becomes hard for the vacuum cleaner to move between furniture with legs. For the rooms where there was a large number of furniture with legs like the living room and bedroom, it takes around 5-6 round for the vacuum cleaner to clean thoroughly. When we clear the obstacles, cleaning of the device drastically improved, but such preparation eliminated the very idea of this device – “turned on and forgot”.

During cleaning, there were many instances where Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner get stuck with the low-wavy carpet and could not drive in, however in the end coped with the situation. You should also take care of the wires on the floor if there is any. It happens much time when vacuum cleaner gets in contact with the wires on the floor, and it gets wound on the side or central brushes. This makes vacuum cleaner twitches a little and gets turns off.

With cleaning the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner also comes with washing function, although it makes more noise doing that. The water capacity of the vacuum cleaner is about 300 ml, which is somewhat insufficient for an area of 40-50 meters. However, the wet cleaning function is really effective, and cleaner does it quite well. The best way to use the wet cleaning function is to sprinkle water on the floor before switching on the robot- in this cases, we liked the result more.

For fixing the microfiber cloth to the container for wet cleaning the manufacturers have used the velcro. We didn’t like it much, as, after several rounds of cleaning and removal of the cleaning cloth, the velcro on the containers began to peel off. We will fix it either with superglue or try to wash it without removing it.

For showing a demo we carried out a simple test- we scattered around 400 grains of rice on the floor and in the hallway of 12 square meters. We turn on the vacuum cleaner for 30 minutes with dry cleaning mode. From below, you can see the picture of the floor before and after cleaning.

Alfawise X5 Alfawise X5

After thorough searches and collecting, we found around 19 rice grains that fell into corners and under the door. Thus, the cleaning efficiency of the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be describe as 95-96%.

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Cleaning the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an easy task and not particularly challenging. You can easily remove and wash the wet cloth, but the container for dry cleaning is prevented. There are electrical components integrated into that can be damaged if you do not clean it with caution.

One thing to keep on mind is that you must clean the Brushes (side and center) quickly collect hair, threads, pieces of wires regularly. You can unscrew the brushes and easily remove it after the retaining strip has been snapped off for proper cleaning.

You must also periodically wipe the wheels and three optical sensors of the “navigation” system of the Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which are present on the bottom cover near the wheels.

• Compact.
• Sufficiently efficient cleaning.
• Low noise level.
• Universality – the presence of modes of dry and wet cleaning.
• Ability to control through the application and scheduling of cleanings on time.

• While moving while cleaning, the vacuum cleaner shifts the charging dock, and sometimes even turns it over.
• Unsuccessful method of attaching a cloth to a container for wet cleaning.

Wishes to the manufacturer
• Solve the problem of shifting and turning the docking station during cleaning.
• Change the system of fastening microfibre cloth to the container for wet cleaning.
• Spare parts for vacuum cleaner are not yet available in the free market. I would like to be able to buy spare side brushes, a cloth for wet cleaning, a filter.


The Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an inexpensive device, loaded with all the features you can expect from an excellent vacuum cleaner. It can clean both in wet mode and dry mode, it has a cleaning timer function, and you can also control it via your smartphone and simple remote controller. You can also connect with advanced settings like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which is never seen before in budget vacuum cleaners. Overall it’s an excellent device, and we can surely recommend it to our readers.

Where to buy?

The Alfawise X5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is available at gearbest for just $230.98.

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