Xiaomi opens its 20th Mi Store in Tarragona, Spain

Xiaomi has made great strides in the world of technology, not only offering high quality certified products to the whole world, but also a first class service, and to improve the experiences of users, they have opened many stores around the world. Their influence goes beyond Asia, being such that the European country with more official stores of this legendary company is Spain, and to continue along that same path, the manufacturer has decided to open their new Mi Store in Tarragona, becoming the 20th Xiaomi official store in Spain.

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A new Mi Store with more to offer

This store will be opened on December 29 at 10:00 AM Spanish time in the Parc Central shopping center in Tarragona. Thanks to this new inauguration, this will be the second official store of the company in Tarragona. Of course, as usual, Xiaomi will offer prizes to the most loyal followers, to be more precise; the first 200 buyers will obtain a personal detail of the company with their purchase. In addition to this, there will be a draw for a Mi Action Camera 4K and also a Mi Action Camera 4K Battery, this will be among buyers who spend up to 50 euros. A Mi Electric Scooter will also be raffled among buyers who spend between 50 and 200 euros, and finally, a draw for a Mi 8 for those who buy products for more than 200 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Store - Spain

As if that were not enough, throughout the first weekend, buyers can choose a series of incredible discounts on different types of Xiaomi products. Among the merchandise that we can confirm within the stocks is the Pocophone F1, the Mi 8, or even several of the Redmi series, in addition, we can also find products of the Mi Ecosystem, which has intelligent and interconnected devices. Thanks to the opening of this new Mi Store, Xiaomi manages to reach a total of 17 Spanish provinces and also manages to increase their presence in the Iberian Peninsula. With this, it is evident the incredible commitment that the Chinese company has with the Spanish market, both online as offline or physically.


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