Xiaomi HIMO H1 Smart Folding Electric Bike Offered For $699.35

The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Smart Folding Electric Bike is a very powerful bike, that offers you lots of fun while cruising on it.  This bike is very convenient to use and one sure thing about the bike is that you would never get tired of riding it as it comes with Pedal mode, moped mode, and pure electric mode which you can choose from. So you can ride on this bike all day long.

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The Xiaomi HIMO H1 Smart Folding Electric Bike is lightweight weighing for easy carrying. The whole bike is made from aluminum alloy to reduce the weight of the bike body. The weight of the whole body f this bike is 13kg. The bike can be stored in several forms due to its unrestricted trunk and can be carried in your backpack. The whole bike is foldable, the handle of the bike is also foldable. It has a silicon cushion sit for comfortable sedentary.

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The distance between the seat, the bike, and the pedal is precisely calculated, which is suitable for ergonomics and is also suitable for the natural form of the human body. It can easily be controlled by both men and women, having a very comfortable riding, sedentary and enjoyable. More than just having a small look, it is more convenient to travel by ultra-long-life, and long distance of 20Km is enough to meet the needs of most people.

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The bike is embedded with an electronic bake system which is far better than the traditional pul-type brakes. The brakes use electronic analog brakes to make the brake stroke more uniform, more linear and safer. It is also embedded with a pull-out battery box, which is easier to maintain and than a hidden battery. You don’t have to carry the whole device for charging, all you need is the battery while can easily be pulled out. The battery has a maximum capacity of 6000mA. The bike can also be ridden in the night, as it features an eye-catching LED headlight which guarantees night safety and no fear of night road. Its 180W motor provides the max 18km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient

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