Xiaomi Mini Electric Razor Review: Waterproof Pocket Zhibai Razor

Shavers and trimmers are a part of human lives that have gone through continuous changes during the passage of time. Although the basic functions have remained the same while changes in technology has made the process easier. While options of manual shaving is still available, for better user experience several companies have made electric razors as well.

In this world where two-in-one devices are the norm, Xiaomi has taken a step back to provide an option of only shaving. Their Xiaomi Youpin Electric Shavor is an example of that category. While doubts whether purchasing such a shave only razor lingers on the minds of many people, here’s the complete Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver Review. The Xiaomi Zhibai Mini Shaver could be the cheapest and best option available in the market for just $19.99. This article shall ease your mind into deciding on this product.

Zhibai Mini Shaver Review (Xiaomi Youpin)


The Xiaomi Zhibai Electric Razor comes with the classic matte black color. It is predominantly made-up of plastic and is super compact in size so that can easily fit into the pocket. The material used on the outer rim allows it to survive some falls and bumps without losing its rugged structure. It has a comfortable grip which further houses the power button on the middle of the front side and right below the button you can figure the name of the product engraved.

The device has a USB Type C charging port found on the bottom of the razor. The charging port is guarded with a rubber that fits perfectly, blocking entry of water. This is to ensure that the device is completely waterproof with an IPX7 certification. There are two rings made of stainless steel which house a blade each of the same material.

The stainless steel used by the xiaomi razor, is the same material that is used by Toyota.


The Xiaomi ZHIBAI mini electric razor provides a smooth shave. The German technology used in the razor helps achieve this. It also operates at 8500 revolutions per minute making it a wonder to behold. The torque force of 180 is the reason for the smooth shave without any resistance while shaving areas thick with facial hair.

Since it is water resistant, the razor can be used even on wet surfaces as smoothly it operates on dry surfaces. The 360 degrees rotatory blades with a cut angle of 20 degrees, makes sure it adapts to any facial shape at the same efficiency. The double ring design utilized here makes the contact with skin a smooth and subtle one without any nuisance. The blades are attached to the main rotor with help of a magnetic contact. This allows it to be removed easily for cleaning.

The powerful motor which can attain a top speed of 7800rpm ensures a clean face however populated it may be. Rather than achieving a clean finish, the razor also doesn’t find any obstacles in the thickness of facial hair. This is due to the powerful motor attached. One more amazing point is that the max sound emitted by the razor is 65 decibels, which ensures a silent shave without awakening anyone.


Under the blades, the Xiaomi Zhibai Electric Razor is equipped with two 450mAh lithium-ion batteries. With a total of 900mAh of battery power, it can be expected to last for a pretty long time. Charging the battery is made an easy task. The port available on the razor is a USB Type C one which is protected by rubber to ensure water doesn’t enter, as mentioned above.

This protection ensures that unless the battery is being charged, it is guarded against the entry of water. This helps to make sure the IPX7 certification is true to its word. One more option to charge the razor other than directly plugging it into a socket is by using a powerbank.

Since the ZHIBAI is compatible with powerbanks, this makes it the ideal shaving companion during travel.

Moving away from how to charge the battery and looking into how long it lasts, Xiaomi claims that the charge will stay for 30 days if daily usage is limited to 3-5 minutes per day. Even if usage exceeds the limit, there’s an inbuilt charge indicator which lights up when the battery is running low.


Sticking only to a razor capability, the ZHIBAI performs wonderfully in all aspects. The sleek compact design combined with an easily rechargeable battery that has a good capacity makes it the perfect razor for the road. The spectacular performance makes it easy to use as well.

In short, the Xiaomi Zhibai Electric Razor is a wonderful buy at a low cost. Even though there isn’t an option to trim, it does pack the bang for its buck.


Dimensions: 5.50 x 1.32 x 9.20
Weight: 0.104 kg
Motor Speed: 7800rpm
Battery: 900mAh lithium-ion

Hope you liked our complete Xiaomi Zhibai Electric Razor Review! Do share your thoughts on the Xiaomi Razor in the comments section below.

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