The new update to Android 9.0 of MIUI 10 presents several issues to the Pocophone F1

One of the main services offered by Xiaomi is their MIUI operating system, which is based on Android. To keep it fresh, it constantly receives updates on the most used and most recent mobile phones of the company, among which the Pocophone F1 can be mentioned. However, it turns out that in the last update of this software, this Smartphone turned out to have a series of problems that were manifested by its users.

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Problems presented by the users of the Pocophone F1

The main problems that could be seen in the Pocophone F1 after receiving the update were the following: the battery was drained excessively, that is, it was consumed much faster; the notch was clipped irregularly and in the games it does not adapt as it should, so it leaves strange marks on the screen, complicating and greatly reducing the experience. Another type of error that occurs according to different users is the constant restart of the terminal in a random manner. Xiaomi has sent a statement to users of this device, saying that they are already working on solving all the problems presented, however, there is no approximate date for the release of this patch.

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These problems will be solved by means of the Xiaomi beta testers program since it uses people who are not complete professionals in the matter and therefore can verify all kinds of errors that can occur during installation or after it. In this way, this kind of errors are avoided when the official version of the patch is released. It is expected that the company will soon present a solution for all users of the Pocophone F1.


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