PowerVision PowerEgg Review |The Flying Egg Drone

Drones are one of the latest inventions of the modern era of technology. The use of drone cameras has evolved as the next big thing in the field of photography and videography nowadays. There are various drone cameras available in the market in various shapes and sizes.

What if the drone you will be using comes in an interesting outlook? What if it imitates the look of something unique?PowerVision PowerEgg Review

The PowerVision PowerEgg drone camera is one of the most aesthetic devices in the field of drone cameras. It can capture in 4K and comes with various interesting features that will help you to make yourself clear why you need this special egg.

In this article will be reviewed the various key features of this device along with its pros and cons in brief.

PowerVision PowerEgg Review

Unboxing the drone

The PowerVision PowerEgg comes in a box made of strong paper package. The two side faces of the box contain images of the device in its Egg form and Drone form respectively.After opening the box, comes this package in black color which has the name of the product written on it.As the package is opened, there can be seen a dock stand, a bag and the drone itself. The stand is supplied in the package which is used to keep the drone at rest. It also serves as a dock charger to the drone. So, charging and keeping the drone at rest both purposes are served by the dock stand.PowerVision PowerEgg Review

The most interesting thing is that, the finishing of the drone is so finely done that it feels as if it were an actual egg of an ostrich.

The bag inside the package contains the necessary equipment required to operate the drone. The box contains the remote controller, transmitter in which the smartphone can be fitted, the gesture controller, the battery for the drone and the cable.

The transmitter is fitted to the drone remote controller with the help of the slide way that is on the back of the remote controller.

Operating the drone

After charging the battery supplied with the package fully, the user needs to insert it inside the drone in the battery chamber, which is situated at the head of the drone. The battery cap can just be popped by pressing the key aside it. The battery is then to be fed inside and the cap is needed to be closed.

Once the battery is at its place, the power button situated on top of the battery cap is pressed to power on the drone. The key is pressed till the power light turns on. As soon as the drone will power on, a tone will be played. The sound lets you know that the device is ready for operation.

The flaps of the drone and the bottom cap of it are now to be removed by the user manually. The 4K camera is revealed as soon as the bottom cap is removed from the egg drone.

After that the button on the top has to be pressed thrice. It will extend the legs of the drone in standing position. Now, the drone will be able to be kept on any flat surface before and after its flight.

After all this preparation, the smartphone is fitted to the transmitter and connected to the Wi-Fi of the drone. Using the smartphone app the user can get the visual feed from the drone. The drone’s movement is controlled using the remote controller from this point the way any other drones are controlled.

The phone also receives the location of the drone through GPS. It keeps the user updated about the position of the drone. The drone provides 4K feed using the camera and it can be moved in all the directions required. The drone’s position can be rotated and tilted as well.

As soon as the drone starts its flight, the extended legs from its body again folds back to the grooves automatically.

Main Features of PowerVision PowerEgg

Unique Design

Drones may be available in various shapes and sizes, but the uniqueness of the design of PowerVision PowerEgg is completely different. There are many concept drones of fancy designs but those rarely come to the reality. But this beautiful egg shaped drone has its own worth due to its beautiful unique egg shaped design.

The drone when kept in rest on the dock stand, it looks exactly like an egg. This may give the drone an opportunity to be kept in any place of the house beautifying the spot where it is kept.

Ready to fly quickly

The beautifully designed drone does not take long to fly. It takes only moments to prepare the drone for its flight. Once the flaps are positioned and the bottom cap of the drone is removed, it only takes seconds to fly.

Easily connecting to the smartphone

The drone can be easily connected to the smartphone, which the user wants it to connect with. The smartphone can connect to the Wi-Fi of the drone instantaneously. The live feed can be obtained from the drone to this smartphone.

The drone also has its own built-in GPS location, which sends the signal of the location of the drone to the smartphone it is connected with.

Long distance control

The drone transmitter can send signal up to a distance of 3.1 miles. This lets the user control the drone camera from a long distance as however he needs to control it.

4K Camera

The egg shaped drone comes with a 4K UHD camera. This helps the user to get Ultra High-Definition video and photos of better resolution and clarity. The camera has 3-axis gimbal with 360 degree panoramic view. This features let you get all you need from your high performance drone camera.

Various Flight modes

PowerVision PowerEgg comes with a variety of flight functions. It has Waypoint flight where the user can plan a flight line on the APP interface of the connected smartphone.

The gesture control mode will let the drone follow the user’s gesture to easily let the drone fly in accordance with the users will. This keeps the job
of controlling the drone easier for the user.

There is also a point of interest flight mode, in which the drone flies around an object in a circular path, providing a 360 degree view of the object.

Long flight life

The beautifully designed drone can not only provide Ultra HD visual feed, but it also can provide a longer flight time support. The PowerVision PowerEgg can provide a flight time support for a length of around 23 minutes, once its battery is fully charged.

Functions of PowerVision PowerEgg

The main functions of PowerVision PowerEgg are as follows

  • Aerial Photography
  • Continuous Shooting
  • GPS location tracking
  • One Key Automatic Return
  • One Key Follow
  • One Key Landing
  • One Key Taking Off
  • Point of Interest flight mode
  • Waypoints flight mode in app interface

The pros and cons in PowerVision PowerEgg

The pros in PowerVision PowerEgg

  • Beautiful design which mixes innovative features with attractive drone design
  • 4K UHD camera with 3-axis gimbal and 360 degree panoramic view
  • Superior built quality and fine surface finish
  • Easy connection using the drones Wi-Fi system
  • Quick preparations to fly and takes only seconds to fly once instructed to do so
  • Waypoint flight mode in App interface
  • Point of interest flight mode eases up 360 degree captures
  • Built-in GPS tracking system in the drone helps to locate it
  • Long flight time of about 23 minutes
  • Long control distance of 3.1 miles
  • Dock charging makes the charging process very comfortable

Lacking in PowerVision PowerEgg

The PowerVision PowerEgg has little lacking comparative to its pros

  • The drone camera has a weight of 2.1 kg, which could be less
  • The flaps of the drone have to be positioned manually by hand before flight
  • The bottom cap of the PowerVision PowerEgg has to be removed by hand before flight

The package comes with-

  • 1 x PowerVision PowerEgg RC Drone ( Battery Included )
  • 1 x VTX Transmitter Module ( Battery Included )
  • 1 x G-sensor Remote Control ( Battery Included )
  • 1 x Accessory Bag
  • 1 x Cable
  • 1 x Standard Remote Control
  • 1 x Stand Bracket
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x CN AC Power Cable
  • 1 x Micro SD Card
  • 1 x Micro-USB Cable


PowerVision PowerEgg review has been done from a user’s point of view. This awesome egg shaped drone camera has almost everything to be in your cart list; if you are planning to buy a drone camera. It is attractive to look and full of features that one might require.

The drone camera has various flight modes to support the various photography and cinematography requirements. It has long distance control, durable flight time and much more.

Overall, The PowerVision PowerEgg can be described as a desirable drone camera.

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