Honor Fly Pods CM Review: Next level earbuds


The HONOR fly pods, come under one of the most stylish ear pods. They are the best performing earphones in their price range. The earphones have a sleek, stylish and trendy design. The ear pods are provided with binaural sound technology and a touchpad interface, and these earphones provide with an experience you can not find anywhere else in the market.

If you love to listen to music or watch movies anywhere, the main problem which may come up to you may be about the tangling of the wires, and if you are looking for a set of wireless earphones, the Huawei has come up with an ideal set of ear pods to keep you going upon the track.


The company has finally provided their touch by giving it colors, and the different colors carry their charm and elegance within themselves. The color available is white, red and coral blue. The white is one of the most common colors but also looks awesome with the other two, when kept in the alliance.

Honor earbuds

The things which we always come across on our first look over such devices is the price tag and design of the product. So, the Huawei Honor Fly Pods CM are priced at a range of 149.73$. You might think it to be an expensive product, but I would prefer you to know more about it, I can assure that you will find the product worthy to loosen your pockets upon.

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After the price tag, you surely look over the exterior look or in technical terms the design. You may be mistaken if you assume it to be an Apple Air pod, but then again, it is not your fault the company has provided it with the best finishing touch you can ever come across. The Apple-inspired design of the Air-Pods also shows how the market is greatly influenced by the design of a product. Otherwise, a brand like Huawei may not copy Apple.

The stylish design, the comfortability to carry and use it and the fantastic quality the ear pods provide you make it very admirable. The company has provided the best design, and amongst it, the touchpad interface creates a handier product. Not only talking about the high standard tops lets us slowly go through every aspect of the earphones.

Any color you choose, the sleek and stylish design of the product is surely going to impress you very much. You can have it in any work, along with any outfit, it goes perfectly with all of them. Already mentioned the sleek and stylish design provided by the company also lays over its hands. Now, what goes unnoticed under these looks is the unique feature of the ear pods — the touch interfaces. It lets you do various kinds of things through it, the changing of volume or waking up of the assistant with a touch or tap makes you more comfortable and more accessible to go on with it.

Honor earbuds

Bluetooth 5.0:

The ear pods, the Huawei Honor fly seeds CM being a wireless product are sure to be connected to a smartphone or a laptop. You will find the process for pairing the ear pod with your device very simple and easy.

The only work you need to do it is download and install the application, on the other hand taking the ear pods out of the charging box, hold the pairing button for a few seconds, and the synchronization will do the rest. It usually takes some time, not more than half a minute after this you can enjoy the best experience of the world of audio. You have an additional specification provided by the brand.

You need not waste your time disconnecting the device when not in use. Simply take them off and keep them inside the charging box, they automatically synchronize and disconnect. This feature is a more needed one in this era of technologies because as an ordinary matter of fact, we may so many times leave them connected, which may, in turn, reduce the battery life of the device.

Honor earbuds

Once your device is connected with these ear pods, any time you take it out of the box it will automatically establish the connection with the invention reducing your efforts. Now you need just a one-time setup and enjoy the rest of all connections on an automatic basis. You need to take them out and listen to music whenever you want.

Wireless charging on the go:

The Huawei Honor fly pods CM comes with an inbuilt 25 MaH battery. Standard earphones carry a comparatively less amount of charge. So, you need not to be much worried about the expense of your ear pods while you are using it. You can enjoy the ear pods for continuously 180 minutes without any break, that what the amazing upgrade is brought to the battery system of an ear pod.

Even if you require some more amount of charge, it comes with a wireless charging case. The case is small and easy to carry wherever you go, it will not take up much space from your pocket. The ear pods instead of its small size can hold up to 420 MAH of power. This means you can enjoy your music non- stop for 20 hours, now that is what you are sure to call an excellent device.

Honor earbuds

You even need not wait for your fly pods to get the charge. It takes a very less amount of time to regain its power when its placed inside its charging case. All you need is the ear pods along with the charging case for a day when you go out and no more worrying about the battery of the ear pod. Already mentioned the automatic connection and the disconnection feature provided also gives you a better battery experience with the Huawei Honor fly pods CM.

Audiophile Music Quality:

The ear pods or earphones mainly give you good sound quality. The Huawei Honor fly pods CM are sure to provide you with highly positive results when it comes to the matter of sound quality. I have an experience of nearly a 3-D one while I used these way too awesome ear pods.

The Huawei Honor fly pods CM comes with a binaural audio technology promising a natural and smooth experience during all the times. The binaural tech is the best sound tech available in the market now. The moment you start the audio and especially when it’s a video you may come to the confusion that the play is going on right in front of you, a live one. The company has also provided the noise cancellation tech to minimalize the other sounds from the surroundings to give you a better experience.  Well, now you will not get distracted while you are relaxing with your music. The frequency range of the ear pods is 20- 20000 Hz. The impedance here is 32 OHMs. It works under a voltage of 5V and operates in a distance range, not above 10 meters.

Honor earbuds

Whether you are running out of time, on a sport or some work, this device can be your best partner to carry along in your pockets. It also means that they are stable, by stability I suggest here that they won’t slip off your ears when you are in a rush and will not get lost easily.


Overall verdict:

The Huawei Honor fly pods CM are the perfect ear pods among the many I have gone through. Now, as you already know the specifications, design technology and the features of the product. I am sure that you may be too worried to have it inside your pocket.

Honor earbuds

If you go through all the ear pods available in the market, you will not m=find a device a such. Usually, the ear pods do not carry a touch interface within itself. This feature makes it a more demanded product. The battery life and design become a better half of the product. The company has built up an application to create a better environment for the connection of the ear pods. This connection is better handled with the auto synch hence making your hands free for most of the daytime.

They are even lighter weight and quite small in size. They provide you with very mesmerizing sound quality, a high-tech design feel. The audio transfer quality due to the Bluetooth 5.0 adds to your better experience of listening to your track.

It is not essential to go through all the reviews, but if you look upon the description and why not better try it for once, rather than better relying on reviews you can have a right device for your ears. But, looking forward to my experience, this product will never dissatisfy you.

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