Xiaomi launched three new products in the United States

Two days ago, Xiaomi held its first Mi Fan event in the famous city of New York, where the company decided to start generating enthusiasm about its arrival to the US market. Some of the followers of this company registered to attend the two-day event, in which Xiaomi showed several products that are offered in all parts of the world.

Also, in this event, the Mi Home application and the products that are compatible with it were also shown, as well as smart bulbs, smart plugs, lamps, and a laser projector. In total, Xiaomi managed to display more than 50 products belonging to its ecosystem, where there are also some cameras and toys, all of which are connected to the IoT platform of the company.

Xiaomi launched three new products in the United States

New Xiaomi products in the United States

As mentioned above, more than 50 of the company’s large products were exhibited, although it also decided to launch three special products that were not on the market. In Walmart, which is a multinational store corporation located in this country, US users could buy a medium variety of products launched by Xiaomi, and now they will be able to buy the three new products belonging to this company:

  • Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Pad: it was announced for the first time in the market along with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S.
  • Xiaomi Mi Robot Builder: a kit of 1,086 pieces that can be built as a robot, a tank or an excavator.
  • Xiaomi Mijia Smart 1080P Wifi IP Camera: a home surveillance camera that is able to provide a 360-degree view, and which is controlled through the Mi Home application

The United States and Chinese companies

This year was both good and bad for Chinese companies. On the downside, ZTE was banned from the United States, and Huawei’s hardware is strictly prohibited with respect to the use of government and individual operators. However, on the positive side, OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6T in T-Mobile, thus placing the unknown Chinese brand (for the Americans) in the service stores, in addition to that, Xiaomi managed to see an acceptance by the users of this country.

Having observed positive responses, Xiaomi’s strategy of presenting home and lifestyle products instead of providing smartphones turns out to be a great idea. Currently, the US smartphone market is very saturated, so establishing a good relationship between the company and users is an excellent way to present their smartphones once Xiaomi thinks that the market is at its best moment.

Xiaomi and the United States

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