Grab The New Xiaomi Youpin Foldable HD 1080P FPV iDol RC Drone For $179.00(Coupon)

From the hand of Xiaomi arrives another drone to the market, this time it is the Xiaomi Youpin Foldable HD 1080P FPV iDol RC Drone. It has HD FPV transmission in real time, thanks to the full HD 1920 x camera 1080P. With this drone, you would experience a very stable flight and all thanks to a great positioning system: GPS + Optical flow + Barometric altitude elevation + Ultrasound. The Xiaomi Youpin Foldable Drone(RTF, with Transmitter and 2 batteries) can be purchased for $219 using the coupon code: GB-THYoupin.
It has various intelligent flight modes which include, control by gestures with the palm of the hand, automatic tracking mode, headless mode, take-off/landing of a key, automatic return when it is out of control and protection against low voltage.
In intelligent tracking mode, the Xiaomi Idol RC Drone can automatically track figures or human objects with clear shape and track them at a certain angle. In the movement, the protagonist of the screen is blocked at all times, which makes the tracking flight useful. In addition, the Idol RC Drone also has a key to take off / land automatically, a variety of ways (vertical flight 45 ° away, flight 360 °), so you can easily fly without experience.
It is embedded with a 1800mah battery and its brushless motors offer a flight experience of more than 10 minutes of autonomy, it is available in both versions, with control command + 2 batteries, and without control + 1 battery.

Regarding its dimensions, the fuselage uses a foldable design of 4 axes, folded size: 226 × 144 × 48 (mm), weighs only 360 grams (with battery), easy storage. The drone also uses Optical Flow and ultrasonic positioning to better adapt to a variety of soil textures, allowing stable stationary even without interior satellite signals.

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The Xiaomi Youpin Foldable HD 1080P FPV iDol RC Drone drone comes between the Xiaomi Mitu Drone and the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K in terms of operation. The Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K is the father of all Xiaomi drone.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Youpin Foldable HD 1080P FPV iDol RC Drone

The Xiaomi Youpin Foldable HD 1080P FPV iDol RC Drone is of two variant,  the one with RTF (With Transmitter and 2 Batteries) can be purchased for $219 using the coupon code: GB-THYoupin.  and the one with BNF (No Transmitter and 1 Battery) which goes for $179.67. You know your need, careful reason both and choose the one to buy.

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