VISUO XS809S quadcopter Review: Inexpensive but with great features

With the recent advancements, quadcopter are now becoming a regular household object due to there apparent benefits. Nowadays the market is full of a different kind of quadcopters ranging from few dollars to thousands of dollar. The latest quadcopters can provide various types of benefits and help in multiple outdoor activities including Photography, Journalism, Arts, Sports and most importantly for fun. This review is also about one of the best quadcopter which come at an inexpensive price and probably one of the best quadcopter available for beginners the VISUO XS809S.

The primary advantages of the VISUO XS809S quadcopter include its ergonomic and foldable design with the capability to record video in 720p on Micro SD card. The device also provides a comprehensive working time: up to 20 minutes on a single battery charge.

Unpacking and packaging

The VISUO XS809S quadcopter arrives in a nice and premium packaging. On the box, the age limit of 14+ appears.VISUO XS809S

While on the back side you can see the basic characteristics of the model.
VISUO XS809SInside the box only you can find the VISUO XS809S in the folded state.

Remote controller.VISUO XS809SThe remote controller comes with a short instruction on top of it for the necessary steps for a quick start.
VISUO XS809SWell, at the bottom of the box we find a detailed instruction manual in English.
VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809SIn the VISUO XS809S packaging box only, you will also get a universal screwdriver. With it you can unwind the whole device entirely.
VISUO XS809SA Micro USB cable also arrives with the packaging for charging the battery.
VISUO XS809SFour sets of spare propellers.
VISUO XS809SAlso, four protective limiters to shield the propellers. The limiters come with a design that ceases while folding.
VISUO XS809SThese stub are necessary to install the limiters. Before flying the VISUO XS809S don’t forget to install them back.VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809S

Remote controller

The VISUO XS809S joystick features a layer of premium matt plastic with the ergonomic design, it is quite comfortable and of very high quality.VISUO XS809SThe middle part can be used to install a smartphone with the remote controller.
VISUO XS809SHowever, there is a little space, and you can’t install a big 10-inch tablet.
VISUO XS809SThe phone holder comes with Unique soft stripes that are glued on them so that your smartphone doesn’t get any scratch by using them.
VISUO XS809SYou can find a button on top of the remote controller for shifting speed level from 1-3 and turning on the trick mode.VISUO XS809SThe VISUO XS809S can perform a lot of tricks. For using the trick feature press the Flip button, and then turn the right stick in any direction.
VISUO XS809SThe right stick is bound for moving the VISUO XS809S quadcopter in any direction.
VISUO XS809SOn the front of the remote controller, there is a power button and a LED indicator.
VISUO XS809SThe VISUO XS809S also comes with the inclusion of auto flying mode. In this mode, the rotor will control itself without using the remote controller. This mode especially makes the VISUO XS809S best for beginners.

However, the button of auto landing doesn’t work like you expect it to be, which is very strange. The notion behind the auto landing is that when you click on it, the VISUO XS809S quadcopter should land at same place where it took off. But, in reality, to guess where it will land is almost impossible. However, this is sure it will still sit somewhere.

The left stick of the remote controller is liable for giving the direction to the quadcopter. Also for changing its height of inclination.VISUO XS809S

Below the left stick, you will have a trimmer spider, which is there to adjust the speed of VISUO XS809S quadcopter.

Near to that, you will have a handy stop button. Sometimes it’s better to use it when the quadcopter is in some critical situation and it is necessary to cut down the power of motors.

Just above it, there’s the automatic start and landing button.

VISUO XS809SFor flying the VISUO XS809S, first, bring the left joystick all the way down and then up, this will set the blades of the quadcopter in motion, and you will hear a beep. This will be enough to push the button for taking off, and when you will press the button again, it will leave the ground. For a beginner, the process is straightforward and convenient.

On the back side of the remote controller, there is space for the battery compartment where you have to attach three AAA batteries for making it functional. There is an option to lock the compartment using the screw.
VISUO XS809SYou can also control the VISUO XS809S by using a smartphone application. We use the XSW UFO application from the store and combine it with access points from the drivers.


The VISUO XS809S quadcopter features the same premium matte plastic that is also used with the remote controller. The device also comes with a beautiful design of a shark.VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809SWhile the device is in a folded state, it takes up minimal space. This makes it very convenient to transit, even in a minute bag.VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809SWhile considering the management of the VISUO XS809S, it is at best.
VISUO XS809SThe design of VISUO XS809S have some significant drawbacks when it comes to rains. The screws of the device are open from the top so you can’t fly it in rainy weather.
VISUO XS809SAccidentally we dropped the VISUO XS809S while flying and as a result one of the propellers starts spinning more slowly than others. For correcting this, we have to tighten the corresponding screw of the propeller.
VISUO XS809SOn the top of screws, you will get gold color nozzles. We recommend you to remove them before flying and store them in a box, as after first accident they can fall off.
VISUO XS809SOn the back side of the device, there is a separate compartment for the battery. You can easily install and remove it and also you will hear a click sound when it gets correctly fit in its place.
VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809S VISUO XS809SMeanwhile, in our case, there was a single battery we got with the kit. However, there’s is a set of three available with the package.
VISUO XS809SYou can charge the device battery by connecting the micro USB cable to the slot of the battery. The device takes around two hours to get completely charge up. From a single charge, you can fly the VISUO XS809S for as long as 20 minutes.
VISUO XS809SThe design of the quadcopter muzzle is toothy, and a mobile camera of 2 MP finds its place directly below it.
VISUO XS809SYou have to adjust the camera inclination angle by hands only, and the remote controller can’t help you with this. You can also judge the quality of the camera from the below picture.
VISUO XS809SAlso, don’t forget to remove the protective film from the lens.
VISUO XS809SThe VISUO XS809S quadcopter belly is full of holes, and this also confirms the fact about not flying it in the rain.
VISUO XS809SHere on the belly, you will get the on/off switch.
VISUO XS809SOn the right side of the device, you can see the bright wire. Please do not remove it, as this is the WI-Fi antenna and not any manufacturing flaw.VISUO XS809SJust over the power switch, there’s a slot for the micro SD memory card. However, you can’t save and picture or video directly into that. For keeping a photo or record a video, you have to use the smartphone app and press the recording button. This will allow you to save the pictures or video both on smartphone and the memory card.VISUO XS809SThe VISUO XS809S also comes with built-in LED lights on the bottom of propellers.


We really liked the VISUO XS809S quadcopter so much that we didn’t stop using it until one of the propellers get damaged. The features including 20 minutes of flying time is really great, and it’s hard to find a quadcopter in the same price bracket providing these features. It will take time to fully master the quadcopter until you get the hang of it. However, if you have spare batteries, the fun gets doubled. The device with its foldable design makes it really convenient to take it any place you want, and record a great 720p resolution video. Even though you will not get a cinematic picture, but in this price range, it is one of the best quadcopter for beginners and amateur video makers.

Where to buy?

The VISUO XS809S quadcopter is available at gearbest with an inexpensive price of $43.99.

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