Xiaomi Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle with Temperature Display now available for $29.99

As of now, the Xiaomi Portable Intelligent Water Bottle is the best selling smart water bottle in the market presently. However, the company believes that it can make something with a different design so that it can accommodate those who don’t like the design of the former smart water bottle. Now, Xiaomi has released the Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle with Temperature Display. Technically, this smart water bottle the same functions with the Intelligent water bottle but there is a fundamental change in the design.

The Xiaomi Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle has a streamlined body design which makes it convenient and comfortable to hold. It has a double layer stainless steel cup for a lasting insulation and cold protection. This portable water bottle has a dimension of 7.00 x 7.00 x 23.10 cm and weighs only 60 grams thus its a perfect companion for adults and children. It is much more portable and lighter than its predecessor. Its capacity is 525ml and it has a lock cold and warm function. This water bottle is available in multiple colours which include green, black, grey and pink.

The lid of the Xiaomi Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle has a built-in OLED high-brightness display, anti-vibration, and a low/high-temperature resistance. It is also equipped with a sensitive sensor for temperature measurement which is accurate up to a 1-degree error.

The water bottle body, cup lid, middle ring, and all the fittings that come in direct contact with the fluid are made of a quality food grade 304 stainless steel and PP material. The production process has been polished by more than 100 strict procedures and has undergone 12 strict quality inspections.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle

The Xiaomi Kiss Fish Smart Water Bottle is currently available on Gearbest for only $29.99.



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