Xiaomi Hipee Medical-grade Smart Health Test Stick For $163.45: 14 Medical-Grade Indicators Detectable

The Xiaomi Hipee Medical-grade Smart Health Test Stick is just like a private home doctor, It is capable of detecting the health of the body in an all-around way and discovers hidden dangers. This would surely protect the health of the family and enhance the quality of living. Some point in time, a family member might be sick, and wouldn’t have the means to go the hospital or maybe the sibling has the fear of hospital, all you have to do is make use of this Smart Health Test Stick is would inform you what is wrong with the person. The is device capable of identifying 14 different body issues and sicknesses which can be used by all, ranging from older parents, pregnant woman, overworked lover, and so on.

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The Xiaomi Hipee Medical-grade Smart Health Test Stick like earlier stated can detect 14 different medical-grade indicators, this would offer you the opportunity to always know the physical condition of your health without pain. This device plays an important role in detecting liver conditions, kidney function, inflammation, diabetes, circulatory metabolism, and fat-reducing effects. Do well to keep your family away from health risks through intelligent analysis, risk warning and improvement suggestion on the mobile phone.

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It is embedded with a High precision sensor which is sensitive to ensure detection accuracy. With a built-in, 8 Japanese Roma high-precision sensors, through the precise detection of subtle changes in the test paper, and using professional algorithms to ensure that the test results are as accurate as hospital equipment. Its excellent and reliable structural design guarantees the stability of the equipment and the service is longer.

Another amazing feature of this test sticks is that is has a built-in independent Wifi module, measurement data intelligent push, cloud encryption and save. Even in two different places, you can receive the test results of your parents in time to show their health status or one can also keep the result private if he or she doesn’t want any of his family member to see it. The whole family can use the device.

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Lastly, it comes with an Ejection design, the test paper does not need to be manually pulled out, with zero contact with the urine, more sanitary. The device is very easy to clean, it is made with UV coating, which is washable and anti-fouling. But it should be noted that only the detection area is washable, the other part of the body, is not.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Hipee Medical-grade Smart Health Test Stick

The Xiaomi Hipee Medical-grade Smart Health Test Stick is currently available on Gearbest for $163.45 and has a free shipping option attached to it. 

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