[Hot Deal] Grab The Original Xiaomi 20,000mAh Power Bank 2C For Just $46.00

Chinese giant Xiaomi is primarily known for its phones, but the vendor also makes a slew of accessories, including power banks. It will suffice you to say that Xiaomi is the number one power bank maker around the globe. They tend to approach its accessories the same way it handles phones giving it the best available hardware with a sublime finishing. This means that you can expect a well-designed power bank offering great value for money. The Xiaomi Power Bank 2C supports two-way charging[Bidirectional quick charge] instead of a one-way charging on the older model. The 20,000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank offers one of the largest battery capacity yet, making it a rare gem and a must get Power Bank. This device is currently available at Gearbest for just $31.99. Let us take a closer look at this device Click the link below to get this amazing device.

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Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi 20,000mAh Power Bank has a compact body size, which comes in an environmentally friendly high-temperature ABS plastic housing with a textured pattern aimed at improving grip. This design is quite different from the one seen in the 5000mAh, 10400mAh, and 16000mAh power banks anodized aluminium casing. The plastic gives it a far better finishing thus giving the power bank surface a firm grip on the hand rather than the slippery nature noticed in the aluminium design. The casing also resists scratch and can withstand heat up to 90 degrees Celsius (not that it gets that hot itself). It has a dimension of 13.55 x 6.76 x 2.39 cm and weighs 328grams which is considerable light when compared to other lower battery capacity power bank. The top board conveys two USB Type-A ports and in addition a miniaturized scale USB port. This two USB Type-A ports can charge two devices at same time, so with this power bank you that have to wait for one phone to get filled before charging the other.

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Battery $ Charging

The 20000mAh Xiaomi Power Bank features a Li-Polymer Battery and has two USB ports that allow you to charge two devices simultaneously as earlier stated. The dual USB ports offer a combined output of 5.1 volts at 3.6 amps, which translates to 18.36 watts. Each port is capable of outputting up to 2.1 amps, and you can also use the power bank to charge USB Type-C devices. The power bank has a micro-USB input for recharging. The device is embedded with a four-LED capacity indicator at the top right corner which helps to indicate the charge remaining, with each LED corresponding to a 25% charge.The power bank automatically switches on and off as soon as you connect a device, but there’s a dedicated power button on the right as well.  The Xiaomi  PowerBank 2 comes with temperature protection, short circuit protection, input overvoltage protection, and a power display button to show the current power status once is tapped

Main Features:
– Super large capacity 20000mAh portable power bank
– Bidirectional quick charge, more effective, whether it is charging or discharging
– Support small current discharging, suitable for Bluetooth headset and Millet bracelet
– High-temperature resistance ABS material made, round edge design
– LED indicator lights show you the power status
– Support charging and discharging simultaneously
– Fashionable appearance outlook design, compact size
– Built-in multiple protections

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Where Can I buy The  Original Xiaomi 20,000mAh Power Bank 2C?

The Original Xiaomi 20,000mAh Power Bank 2C is currently on sale at Gearbest for $46.00. This device would be delivered to your destination for free.


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