XGIMI Z6 projector Review: MAC Mini Style Projector


XGIMI is a brand of, and they produced the projectors. These projectors point towards full technology-oriented devices. When people carry projectors in their backpacks and get worried because of not working correctly, can buy the same. Well, this projector may not be the best, but the working of the product will give you the best output. People used to take care of the projectors just because they don’t want scratches in on the lens as this can produce the lousy quality of the image. But this product comes with a scratchless lens. Here, one more problem is solved. The product also avoids hiccups due to the specifications. The 2GB onboard memory is the significant way to prevent these hiccups.


Every technical product has some faults, but it doesn’t matter if there are negligible failures. So, this product somewhat costs high per unit. While setting up for the first time, some minor issues may occur. Thus, this kind of problems is just a matter of trifling. You can get a perfect user interface because of its specification again. No matter how much you compare a single product with other product, but the specs of this product is quite straightforward in the working point of view. When a product satisfies your expectations, that is called a good user interface. So, enjoy all the specifications along with negligible issues in your schools, offices, colleges, industries and many more places. Give an excellent presentation and impress your boss. I will be happy because of my suggestion.

XGIMI projector


XGIMI Z6 projector is a combination of traditional as well as modern contrive. So, the place can get nice interior stuff. The device looks like a Mac mini style. As I have already mentioned that the lens is scratch less, this is because there is a front opening in the projector where the glass is embedded inside. The lens inside the device is always safe because the external activities can’t affect the lens. Just beside the lens part, there are some dotted grills which help in air flow. The air flow is to maintain the temperature inside the device, or you can say it a safety measure for the invention as well as the user. Here, you will find no switches because as technology is growing to make the tech smart so, you can handle the projector through a remote.

XGIMI projector

Now, you must be thinking, it gives the nice interior look, and it has a remote to control the same, then how to connect it. Let me clear you that there are inputs on the back of the device which supports an HDMI port and a USB port. Again at the end, there are some air vents which will reduce the heat produced, keep the airflow continuous and help in a safe working. Sealed lens, vents for airflow, inputs for supporting devices and many more features have already impressed me. What are you waiting for? Want to go deep?



There are two main connecting inputs. The first one is the HDMI port. The HDMI port is used to connect other devices with the projector. If you are watching something on TV and you want it to display via the projector, then you can compare it with HDMI port. So, this can work with the gaming consoles, the computer, the TV box, and many more devices. Connect it and enjoy the theatre effect.

XGIMI projector

Similarly, the second connecting input is the USB port. As the name of the information is very clear, you can connect the media files through the USB port. These are the primary inputs of XGIMI Z6 projector.

Another connecting option you can include that is the Android functionality which makes the connection better. The android system works inside the projector. Because of this system, as soon as the projector gets turned on, the content will be directly displayed in the same instance of time. Enabling the third or secondary connecting option of the product makes the product more reliable.

XGIMI projector

The last and most needy connecting option is the Wi-Fi option. Nowadays, every home needs a wifi system in every device. It is the primary need of every device today. It contains the wifi system which will connect the devices easily wirelessly. Also, it has a Mirror link and Bluetooth in it for connecting the devices in LAN wirelessly. Now, your projector is not only working oriented, but it is also showing oriented because the working of a projector wirelessly will give your projector a happening look.


The quality factor of the projector:

XGIMI Z6 projector can give a good display even in the daytime also. It produces around 500 to 700 lumens in a low price range. If you compare the intensity with other projectors, then you will not get a projector in this price range. Youtube is trending these days. Age ranging from 5 years to 80 years used to see stuff in the youtube. The device has an excellent contrasting capacity that is 3001 to 5000:1. The different quality can easily display the contents of the youtube easily. Your family can enjoy the youtube kinds of stuff at home itself. The projector is primarily used for displaying the same material with higher resolution. So, the standard resolution of the product is 1920×1080.

XGIMI projector

If you started visualizing through a projector, then you need to get concerned about the power consumption also as once you start the better activity that won’t let you down to worst action. But I can surprise you that apart from having so many features, the product is power efficient. Are you going to ask a frequent question? How is this possible? It is possible just because of the LED light source that produces 500 to 700 lumens.

The only pitfall of XGIMI Z6 projector is the projector will project at 16:9 ratio of the actual screen size. You cannot change it to 4:3. I guess this is not a big issue that you will be concerned about.

XGIMI projector


Processor and performance along with package content:

XGIMI Z6 projector has a core processor that is Mstar 6A838 Cortex-A53 4, and it has a clock of 1.7GHz. The projector is not meant for gaming. But, it can render the videos from the internet easily due to the onboard memory of 2GB. As soon as the video gets played, at the same time, the projector renders the video and display it through the projector. It is not like the device will buffer due to any issues. The device will still show a fluent video.

XGIMI projector

Well, if you want to access any video every day and you think of some internal storage, then XGIMI Z6 will also provide internal storage of 8GB. It is something apart from RAM. There is one more chipset which will be responsible for the display part of the projector. That is also connected to the projector itself.

Considering every specifications and detail of XGIMI Z6 projector, the box package of the product contains a projector itself, a remote, an HDMI cable, and a power adaptor. These four parts are the primary need of the projector, and your box will contain everything accordingly.

For your concern, the package content also contains the user manual. People who are not aware of the working of the projector can efficiently operate the projector. Android has already made the user interface easy, and user manuals make it easier.

XGIMI projector

Overall Verdict:

XGIMI Z6 projector is an unambiguous product where you can get a good user interface. Good user interface refers to the smooth working. The user can operate the product smoothly due to a good interface. Even if, the user is facing any issues then they can get a user manual in the package content as every device have.

The product is an Android device. So, this creates significant value in the market as soon as it got deployed. The number of projectors which has the functionality of Android is decidedly less in the market. Hence, it is clear that the value of the product is much as compared to the simple projectors. Here, again the technology comes into the discussion. Better technology leads to much demand. Similarly, a projector with trending technology is in demand.

The China brand product is available in many shopping sites. But Amazon and gear best are the significant websites to get the product at a reasonable rate. In gear best, the price of the projector is $649, and in Amazon, you can get the same product at $569. Here, the amount differs. But you need to see the reviews and buy it accordingly.

It’s the time for your decision. Are you still buying a traditional type projector in a high price range or a good projector with trending range with an affordable price range? You can never rely on the reviews to buy a product, but according to my suggestions and looking towards the rating of the same, I can make sure of it that this product is not going to dissatisfy you.

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