Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Music Sport Youth Edition Review

After the launch of Xiaomi Comfort Bluetooth headphones, the company has recently unveiled the latest Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone. These are the next generation headphones specially design for Youth. The latest earphones promise a lot and also features the latest design of ear hooks. The ear hooks help in making a strong clutch on your ear and also prevent accidental falling of earphones from the ears. The earphones feature a sporty mount available as a special insert for the ear bumps.

Nowadays we often see posts about similar kind of Bluetooth earphones coming with a price tag of $3-4 here & there. Thinking about freebies and looking for a chance to get a quality product at the price of a can of beer or two cups of coffee, we would recommend you to think again. These kinds of cheap Chinese earphones generally don’t worth even $3-4. They are not very suitable for use, and their life expectancy is very low, without any warranty or anything. Investing in a low budget and thinking about a quality product will get you nothing. However, the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone is an inexpensive gadget with all the qualities of a premium product and with the brand name of Xiaomi.


  • 13.6 g – lightweight and compact
  • BT 4.1 – connect to devices in just 3 seconds.
  • Multipoint function – allows you to connect to two devices SIMULTANEOUSLY and switch between them.
  • Flexible soft ear hook material, comfortable to wear and comfort.
  • Built-in microphone for clear sound.
  • Multifunctional volume controls (clamping switch tracks), built-in button for receiving calls.
  • Dynamic loudspeaker with a metal composite diaphragm.
  • Waterproof and sweat resistant (IPX4).
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 120 mA.
  • Spare 5 ear cushions
Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Specifications:
Color: black, white (optional)
Wearing type: ear hook Earbud
Material: metal
BT version: V4 .1
BT protocol: HFP / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP
Battery capacity (mAh): 120 mAh Charging time: 2 hours
Musical time: 6 h -11 h (depends on music and volume)
Functions: Answer the call, BT, microphone, multi-channel connection function, switch songs, sweat protection and water resistance, voice control

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Packaging:

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone comes in a premium white box packing same as other devices from Xaiomi. With the earphones, there are not many accessories you will get. For charging the earphones, a micro-USB is included in the box with five extra set of rubber earpiece for every kind of ear shapes. The earphones lack the magnetic clips, but they are generally available with more expensive versions of earphones.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone


The headphones feature an anti-shedding ear hook- a unique projection to rest inside your ears. This allows you to use the earphones while working out, climbing, trekking and mostly all sorts of outdoor activity. Kudos to the Xiaomi the earphones worked well with all the given features. The below picture shows how to wear the earphones properly.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone

The only design flaw we notice on the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone includes its control panel. The control panel stays on the right earpiece, and this makes it unbalance from the left earpiece. This tends to make earphone now and then lean toward the right side if you are using it without any latch, only due to the action of ruthless gravity. However, even with this case, the earphones don’t fall out from ears under any conditions of use because of their excellent ear hooks.

The control panel of the Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone comes with bumps on the control panel that can be felt perfectly with your fingers. The control panel lets you accept or reject the call and adjust the sound of music or for switching the track. There’s also a dual color LED on the control, and it flashes in a different light when searching for connection and when it gets connected.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone


For charging the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone, you can use any of your smartphone chargers or any power bank you own. The Xiaomi Bluetooth earphones use a low current to charge up the device, so try to avoid high voltage chargers. The earphones promise a battery life of 6-11 hours depending upon usage. However, in actuality, it is quite near to description and easily goes for 6-8 hours with moderate use.

For testing the earphones battery life, we charge it for overnight, and in the morning we take them off. From the morning we put them on and started the music. The Xiaomi earphones stay with us for the whole day,  during working hours, listening to music taking calls, everything seems quite reasonable. However, before hitting the gym in the evening, we need to charge it once again. Before Xiaomi earphones we tested several similar models, but they mostly provide only 4 hours of battery life.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone does not provide any kind of notification about device getting discharge. However, with the price range, it’s coming this can be easy to pass over.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone Features:

While you receive an incoming call with your ringtone, you will also listen to a woman of Chinese nationality begins to pronounce the number of the incoming call in Chinese. After several calls, we already learned some of the initially incomprehensible set of Chinese numbers. You will also get used to it after some time of use and learn how to use it in your favor by learning beforehand who’s calling your girlfriend or boss. 😀

After a couple of days of use, we picked up the best comfortable ear cushions that came with the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone. They seem to be really great and are made of soft rubber. Even after a whole day of using, our ears didn’t ache even when we wore them almost all day.

The built-in microphone of Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone works pretty well in indoor. However, if you are taking calls outdoor, you have to bring receiver closer to your face so that the other person can hear you. For testing the earphone’s mic, we took it outdoor on a noisy road and in the wind, but the result remains the same. While using the Xiaomi Bluetooth earphones in public transport, we face the same problem and now and then we have to bring mic closer to us for letting the other person hear what we are saying. Anyways it catches other sounds and sounds of conversations being around people pretty well.

As for the sound category, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone works excellent. The earphones feature an intra-channel speaker with sufficient noise isolation and excellent bass which is often the case with Xiaomi headphones. The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone lacks aptx, so do not expect to transmit music via wireless connection with a high bitrate. The earphones are great for listening to audiobooks or some pop music on the road but expect nothing more.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone

When we first heard about the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone, it was mention to be around 15 bucks. For the given price and with its features, the earphones seem to be quite worthy of your money. For around 16 bucks you will get an earphone that doesn’t have earbuds and doesn’t fall out of ears. If you have more budget, obviously you can think of its alternative. The Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphone apparently have some minor flaws regarding the shift of the center of gravity to one side and need of a clip to hold the cables with your clothes.

This Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone is essentially for athletes who need to run a lot and it will perfectly work for them, leaving the hardship to fix the earphones after every couple of dozen steps. At the same time, it is also great for urban users as you will get free from clinging wires around your neck. Moreover, the earphones come with IPX4 ratings, making it protected against rain and sweat.

Where to buy?

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Bluetooth Earphone is available at gearbest at an inexpensive price of $16.99.

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