Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 (2018) Review : Best Humidifier you can get

The humidifier is excellent devices, they add moisture to the air preventing dryness of the skin, throat,nose, and lips. They are really helpful in easing symptoms caused by common cold or flu. Due to their obvious benefits, our beloved company Xiaomi recently unveil their latest humidifier the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2.

After receiving the product, we also want to share our opinion regarding the product. Recently we have seen a boom in the market regarding the humidifiers, due to their apparent use in everyday life. However, most of the humidifier comes bearing hefty price tags which makes it hard to afford by a regular buyer. But, the recently released Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 comes at an inexpensive price and makes it a great product that is also affordable. We hope that our review benefits, and keep you and your family healthy.

Packing and packaging

The Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 arrives in a large cardboard box. It takes around three days to reach the product from GearBest, which is really fast. The Humidifier was nicely packed with all the carefully glued tape and the inscription on the cardboard that says they are already thinking how to cover our next parcel.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The packaging box with all the carrying information, so it doesn’t get any damage during transport.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The name of the manufacturer is inside the box.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Specification of the device is on the label.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Handle on the box, for easy carrying of the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 We will skip the unboxing of the box. However, everything came nicely packed with lots of foam to protect it while transiting.
Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 You will also get a manual with the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2, but it’s in Chinese, so we skip it as well.

Visual inspection

Like most of the products from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 also features a gorgeous white color. The humidifier comes without any extra frills even though it remains stylish and modest. The device has two halves pallet, and the upper unit contains all the electronics part of it. You will also find manufacturer name “Smartmi” beautifully written on the top side of Humidifier.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The upper part of the Xiaomi Humidifier. From the top, you can easily see the gaps with strips for water intake. They are there so you can quickly fill up the humidifier with water and it also helps in releasing small particles of water in the air.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 comes with ergonomic design and minimal controls. There are two buttons located on the top with several LEDs light.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The attractive green LEDs have two levels of illumination.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The lightning bars indicates the water level in the humidifier and the points show the operating mode. The humidifier also comes with an indication of the level of WiFi signals. The Xiaomi Humidifier 2 comes with only four modes of operation including Auto, 1, 2, and 3. Moreover, on the back side, there is an open space behind the grilles for air intake.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

On the top of the indicator, you can find a temperature and humidity sensor.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Also, the barcode model is feature on the device.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 On the bottom of the device, you can find the power cord.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

There is advice engrave on the Humidifier for us not to cover the air intake holes with anything.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The cable comes cover with reinforced rubber that provides long life to the wire.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Above the cable entry location, there is two contact level sensor.
Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 From the bottom, you can easily look the open views of the fan impeller.
Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 From the picture below, you can see the fan wheels and the gears, which turn the drum with wheels on the bottom of the Xiaomi humidifier.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The bottom of the lower part of this large basin.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 There are unique corners for the easy installation of the shaft, and here you can easily mount the wetting discs of Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 There is wheel humidification that also comes with water level indicator.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

The unique sensors sense the water level and how much water has escalated through the holes.
Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Also a top water level indicator.
Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The inside plastic comes in a gray color covering.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The bottom of the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 comes with four rubber clad legs. They provide frictions as well as stability to the Humidifier. Also stickers with some information about the device.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Drainage holes for waste water.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The legs are features soft rubber and do not slip.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The humidifiers work on the principle of pushing out small particles of water that get trap on the surface of the disk by the help of air ventilator. These are the same wheels who do the job.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The wheels are mounted on the same hexagonal shaft.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The wheel is fixed on both sides.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The water remains on the disks due to the structure on the wheels.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The wheels of the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 constantly spins and the fan also blows constantly providing fresh air every time. The upper-level sensor also comes with connections for power and interaction with the upper half.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 The default plug comes in Chinese, but an adapter comes with the Xiaomi Humidifier for a secure connection.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2


Most of the humidifiers available in the market generally use ultrasound or a heater to break down the water, which obviously uses more energy. However, on the other hand, Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 uses a natural way of humidification to break down the water. The water slowly by parts get stuck on the discs and pushed up by the air flow, without any use of ultrasound or a heater. While using the Xiaomi Humidifier 2, we don’t see any steam or mist around the device. We have used ultrasonic humidifier before and they tend to generate a feeling of the steam bath if a door closes the room. However, with the Xiaomi humidifiers, there’s no such feeling oppositely it feels delightful. Moreover, the humidifier let us set different settings for a comfortable environment. It is said, the humidifier will keep the humidity level we need.

The Xiaomi Humidifier 2 comes with built-in humidity sensors which can also connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. If you want to have a close eye on the humidity of your room, you can also get an external humidity sensor an place it in another part of your room. It will help you get more efficient moistening of the whole space of the room.
That’s the exact thing we did with our Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2. We place it in our office space that is around 75 sq.m. Even being an ample space, the Xiaomi Humidifier works excellent. Only in the end part of the room, the effectiveness was low otherwise it was all right. Maybe the reason behind it because the office room is not limited to doors, from it there is an arch into a sizable 40m hall and another small room of 15m.

One of the best parts of the device is that you don’t need to disassemble the Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 for adding the water. The method is straightforward, just pour water from the top. The water level also can be seen from the above without taking any parts out. Now the best part of the Xiaomi humidifier includes its ability to turn on a siren when the water level reaches the top. So you can easily watch your favorite show without any worry from leaking water from the humidifier. You can easily control the Xiaomi humidifier via your smartphone or the physical buttons present on the top of the device. The buttons allow you to select the mode or turn on/off the device. If you want something more advanced, you can also use the Mi HOME app.

We have also calculated the water intake from 0% to 100%. For getting the result, we emptied the humidifier at first then let it fill up until the sirens start beeping, about 4.5 liters of water come in. The Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 takes around 18 hours to completely blow it out at maximum rate and 28 hours in the auto mode. The result was excellent, and you only need to fill up it once a day.

If you don’t clean the Humidifier for a long time you will get result like the picture below. The water turns yellow with the dust. This is the same air we breathe normally. It is generally required to wash the tray better if once a week. It is really very convenient to clean the humidifier and we also consider it a huge plus over other usual humidifiers available in the market. This picture clearly shows we all need to have a humidifier like this for our home and family. After all, clean air is one of the conditions of longevity, like water.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Noise level in different modes

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2


We use to connect and configure the official application mihome.

Easy to plug in humidifier, very simple and clear.

Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2

Below, you can see how the water left over time, and the humidity practically did not move.Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2


As always Xiaomi managed to design a product that has no analogue for price and quality in the market. Definitely a necessary thing and very useful purchase. Pros: Moisturizes, long lasting, not very noisy, Safe, comfortable to flush and fill with water, and application. On the cons, we didn’t find any just the stream of moistair is almost up. In the end, its a must have device and very recommendable for everyone. The Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier 2 is available on gearbest for just $115.99 which is quite an affordable price looking at the benefits we are getting form it.

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