JJRC X9 Review: The durable drone with a lot of features


Company established in 2009. JIANJIAN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Nowadays this company provides the best drones in the industry. This company deals with remote control things. Now the company has an extensive sale network in both domestic and abroad markets. The latest model of drone that company launched is JJRC X9.  The company has two main product lines: JJRC and JPRO. JJRC Company makes products for both learner and expert. The product including drones, robots, RC aircraft, RC monster trucks, study related toys, and JPRO.

X9 is an excellent product. Nowadays everyone is crazy about drones. Drones reveal the glimpse of the future. It uses for many works, example on marriages for photography, for spying, for wildlife photography, etc. All good features are present in X9. Maintenance cost of X9 is very cheap. X9 drone is easy to handle for everyone. This product is better than the previous version and other products in the market. Also, better remote control range is provided in JJRC X9.



As you can see that X9 is the modified version of SJRC Z5. The company improves the size and weight of the drone. This model is square one rather than smoother as SJRC Z5. This made X9 more stable as compared to the previous version. But it has the same folding form and the functions as that of Z5. By making this product, the company JJRC sets a new standard in the drone’s industry.

Now day’s drones are best for wildlife photography, spying, etc., so it is necessary that the drone must be durable, compact and heavy duty. That’s why the company made this product in such a way that it full fills all the needs. The main body of X9 is made up of high-quality ABS/PS. ABS/Sis tough enough and also lightweight so it is the best material for drone manufacturing.

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The drone is six axis gyros, and the maximum speed that it can attain is 20km/hr.6 axis gyro gives more stability and better reflex action to the X9. The model is very compact and durable. The size is very small and attractive. Due to its compact design, it is easy to carry. The company also makes this design cost-effective and the technology used is of next level. The body is sleek, delight and attractive but powerful also.

The X9 design is very loveable stuff. JJRC X9 is modern day king of drones with the extended feature at a low price. There are two antennas on the control, in which one is a dummy. There is also a phone holder is present. The remote control is provided with built-in-battery which can support RC for 10 hours. The battery is of 1000mAH, and the range is of X9 is about 600 m.

JJRC X9 Specification-

JJRC X9 drone is a type of quad-copter. It means better stability is there as compared to the drones with single or three propellers. Small size and best quality of drone is its range which up to 600 m and the FPV range is about 200 to 300 m. Its sensors are a barometer, optical flow which helps in quick action of X9. Also, the lightweight promotes fast movement of the product, and the maximum speed of X9 is 20 km/hr. Built-in gyro is six axes Gyro. The material of X9 is ABS/PS. Advanced level techniques are present in it.


Advanced level techniques are present in it. This model of a drone is BRUSHLESS VERSION. Remote control:  Controlled by wireless remote, the frequency is 2.4 GHz. Wireless remote control channel: 4 channels are maintained X9 remote. Radio mode: Mode 2 (left-hand throttle), WIFI APP Detailed control distance: 1000m. The distance of FPV is 200 – 300m.


The battery provided with X9 is of 11.4V (1000mAh) lion. This battery is also a chargeable battery. Time of battery flying 14 to 15 mins which is much more than other drones available in the market with the same prices. You have to charge the battery about 250 mins for its use.


The weight of the X9 is 0.2580 kg which means it is very light weighted and durable. Also light weighted drones work well as compare to other and X9 product size (L x W x H): 14.80 x 14.50 x 6.00 cm / 5.83 x 5.71 x 2.36 inches. From the dimensions you come to that X9 is very compact and small means easy to carry and it increases the work efficiency of the drone.

Package content:

In this package, you will get one JJRC X9 RC Drone (battery also included).   Also, the remote control is there in the package. A very powerful balance charger is also providing. One USB cable along with two propellers and 1 L type Wrench is given to you for easy assembling of drone. For your convince, Chinese-English manual is in the package.

The package weight of 0.9000 kg and package size (L x W x H): 30.00 x 18.20 x 8.00 cm / 11.81 x 7.17 x 3.15 inches.


Features and function-

The company improves the quality and removes the old features in X9 drone. X9 is Brushless version of JJRC drone. It gives FPV flight and stable flight. One following key mode is a very good feature in X9, and this is the best of this product because by this feature anyone can use it very comfortably and easily. WIFI APP setup programming with download QR code of the manual system which means you can easily pair your device with it and use it.

Functions include of Aerial photography, Air press altitude hold along with camera, continuous shooting, forward / backward, FPV, GPS, Altitude hold, Headless mode, One key automatic return, One key follow, One key landing, One key taking off, Optical flow positioning, Point of interest, Turn left/right, Up/down. Because of all these functions, these drones set a new range of image clicking. Images of high altitudes, in grassland of Africa, etc.  Also, rescue missions can be done.



The delight and glossy look of JJRC X9 is more beautiful and attractive than a normal quadcopter. The shape is little bit square one, this increases the stability of the drone and also enhance the performance of X9. It increases the approaches to photography. You can easily click the picks of wild animals. Also, rescue mission can be done by using X9, in marriages and other family functions you can use it. It looks very stylish and elegant. It looks like a UFO so also attract your friends and guests also. Don’t worry about design. It is also very durable and long lasting because of its fine ABS/PS body.  It set a standard of your image in society. If you are a photographer, then you love it because now day drones set the trend in image clicking.


The company is famous for their compact and durable drones. X9 contains a high definition 5G WIFI camera is placed with a resolution of 1080 P.  This helps in overcoming the problem of blurry and indistinct images clicking. Built-in-battery is provided for a better flight. The battery installed at 1000 mAH in the X9 which allow the drone to fly for about 14 – 15 min.  The best part of this drone is one following key mode means it is very easy to handle. The range of quadcopter is approximately 600 m, but the range of camera FPV is about 300 m.

The product is made in a way that it can perform all the functions very easily and quickly…  The cheapest drone in the market and with all the features of a modern day drone. The best part of this drones is that it is cost effective and maintenance cost is also very less. So if you are looking for a drone for your professional work or fun only, this is best for both. Do not waste your time in thinking, just buy it. It full fills all the needs of today’s lifestyle.



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