Buy HBQ – Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Box For Just $19.99 with Coupon

One of the best experiences you can have is to enjoy our favorite music wherever we go and transport ourselves in our minds to another universe while we do it. Such wonder is possible thanks to the multiple audio playback devices (such as our own Smartphones) and accessories such as the various headphones that exist today which allow us to listen to our beloved selection of melodies anywhere. To make this activity better and more sophisticated today, we present the HBQ – Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Box. These sensational hearing aids with their ergonomic design without wires will undoubtedly be your ideal companions for every moment. And best of all, these are on offer at  GEARBEST so you can take them for the incredible price of only $19.99. Do not think more and hurry to go for yours because this is simply an opportunity you can not miss!

Buy HBQ – Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Box For $19.99

With an ergonomic structure that fits perfectly to the ear canal, these headphones have an elegant design made of plastic that gives a striking appearance of acrylic glass which bears the identity of the brand. They incorporate a hidden metal contact that has been protected by a double coating. Additionally, they also include a pair of skin-friendly silicone tips that will reduce the discomfort that may be caused during prolonged use, which combined with the lightness of their weight reinforces their impressive comfort. They come presented only in white and black.

Answering calls, making multiple connections, changing songs and using a single headset to talk on the phone or listen to music while maintaining contact with the environment are one of the many benefits offered by these headphones. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 with EDR intelligent noise-canceling earbuds, easily and quickly pairing with your smartphones to play music or call, enjoy the high definition sound quality.


With a built-in 60mAh rechargeable polymer lithium battery 3 – 4 hours music playback time, 120 hours standby time, charging dock battery capacity 950mAh. In fact, the feeding period of these is extremely short (3 – 4h) so we can squeeze to the maximum its undeniable potential and enjoy our musical repertoire without a problem. As we’ve pointed out at the very beginning, the earbuds come with a handy case that also serves as a charging dock.

The HBQ – Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds come with a lot to offer — especially for the price. There is the very decent sound quality, completely wireless operation, fashionable ergonomic design, smooth Bluetooth 4.2 connection, and a cool charging case. There is not waterproof protection and the battery life could be better — but the latter is a common problem for wireless devices.

If you have enjoyed these exceptional hearing aids and want to buy a pair as soon as possible, all you have to do is go to the GEARBEST page and take advantage of this extraordinary offer using the Coupon: GBAFFN12 and take them at only $19.99 before they run out. Do not think about it anymore and go for them!

Buy HBQ – Q18 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Charging Box For $19.99

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